No more phones on long plane rides?

A new electronic device ban has been announced in the US and UK for passengers traveling from 9 different countries in the Middle East because of a rising terrorist activity. Along with this new ban came many questions about efficiency, the reasons behind and who would be affected.

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While Cultural Convention is happening this weekend and artists are experiencing the ISKL spirit, a group of business students have taken this opportunity to make an art auction to earn some money for a good cause.

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How Full Is Your Plate?

You know the feeling when the beef is roasting on the grill on a summer day, I wonder if vegans have the same feeling when someone is mowing the lawn?

Our society is extremely rigid because we have the need to place everything into simple little boxes and put the different boxes far away for each other so they never touch.
In each of the boxes, people generalise the content and creates stereotypes.

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