Venezuela is Truly a Good Country

By Diego


Sabotage is stealing money from Venezuelans. Sabotage is burning food and medicine. Sabotage is stealing elections. 

                                                        Juan Guaido – Our Saviour

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 4.30.48 PMAre you going to make everybody else suffer? Are you going to be the only one riding first class? Don’t give in, don’t give up. Stop accepting the bribes and have some faith. Don’t change the meaning of a Venezuelan. Two men, Venezuela’s previous president Hugo Chavez and the current president Nicolas Maduro know nothing of leadership unless it’s supposed to end with country’s economy reaching its lowest point.

Maduro electoral process was carried out on May 20th 2018. Maduro presents himself in front of the country as it were truly his. The fact is that the elections lacked legitimacy and it didn’t have the participation of all the political actors, observers nor the standards it should be taken place in therefore this man shouldn’t of been put in control. An Usurper. 

Some of the currencies around our world are normal and some are like Venezuela’s where the inflation rate reached 100% and by the end of 2015 it was increased by 1 million percent and went up by another 1000 at the end of 2018. 

My aunt, as a dentist, makes about $1303 a year and my other aunt about $1203. To make their lives easier they live together in an apartment in the centre of Caracas. Together they have to find food, take care of my grandmother, buy all of her medicine, pay for her caregiver and for the internet taxes. Due to this, maybe once in while they can go out to watch a movie which is generally once a month. Yet, that’s only when there isn’t anything dangerous going on out in the streets. Guaido promises we will be able to leave our houses with the worry of getting robbed or killed. 

Usually outside their building is where thousands of Venezuelans show up to campaign. I use to go to Venezuela on vacations when things weren’t as bad although I had to stay inside because it wasn’t safe to go and play outside. Now I can’t go in the country.  

Currently in Venezuela there is a denial for food. Is he even aware this a violation of human rights?….yes he is. Over the last year, over three million people have fled the country because of this and thats 10 percent of the population. Imagine how many more if they had the money to do so. 

Despite the current affairs the country may be in, it only took one man to make everybody stand together and make a stand for what is right. Juan Guaido- saviour. A man who was in control of the national assembly, he wasn’t known outside of the country nor inside until he stood In front of thousands in Caracas and swore himself into presidency in attempt to force Maduro out. He promised a transitional government and freedom of elections. 

Nobody deserves to be treated this way. Human rights are something we must stand by through thick and then. 

We must unite now more than ever, we must mount the biggest demonstration so far to reject what’s happening. 


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