Paved Paradise to Put Up a Garbage Spot

By Rahul

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 4.33.48 PMRats!  Literally. 

Lurking. Scrambling. Wreaking havoc in the subways and sewers of New York City; brazen enough to roam around in broad daylight: the stree– I apologize, allow me to re-organise my thoughts. 

Lying beneath its cotton blanket, a skyline iconic like no other, with architecture that will be sure to drop many jaws. The image alone sends feelings of a bustling city; full of life and emotion. 

Ah, good ol’ New York City. This was what my 9-year old self was dreaming about the night my mother told me we would visit her relatives in The Big Apple. This was until we stepped onto the stree–

“Rats! Goddamn Rats!”

My mother called out as she recalled a piece of her childhood she probably wished to forget; the sheer size and quantity of these beasts. An urban myth states that there are probably 4 times as many rats in New York than there are people. This, of course, is false, but that’s how the citizens feel about the situation. That leaves us with one question. Why- Why are rats still occupying much of a state that’s meant to be one of the most developed? To this there is only one logical conclusion; it’s the level of human littering that allows these monsters to strive. Think about it. I’m serious; think about it. When you chuck that last bite of a tuna sandwich you couldn’t finish; you serve a rat it’s entree, that grape soda can, with just a sip left, the dear critter’s beverage of choice.

Before you know it, with the 3,196,200 tons of residential trash (excluding recyclables) last year, as said by Jonathan Wolfe of the New York Times, The citizens feed these rats with more than they need. This culmination of disregarded items feeds these sewer creatures. It also leaves a trail of 21st century human neglect, taking away from the potential beauty of a state such as New York. The state’s rat-infestation is only the tip of the iceberg. Putting aside the environmental damage this behaviour adds fuel to, it strips the men and women who designed the streets and foundations of magnificent places like New York of their integrity, and shades what could have been a masterpiece. This outrageous level of human pollution and littering renders beauty irrelevant.  

Many agree with the claim that New York’s streets are not an acceptable level of sanitation, and resultantly feel that it is something that the government needs to hear and take action upon. This seems fair as it is the responsibility of a mayor and their administration to hear the complaints of citizens and act upon them, let it be over a flaw in the law system or in sanitation. This solution seems simple, but according to Politico New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration claim that “95.5 percent of city streets are ‘acceptably clean’”. What does this mean? One may ask. It means that the Mayor and his admin have already had complaints and responded with vague statistics, showing little to no interest toward the problem at hand.