LGBT Community: Their Human Rights Neglected!

By Louwke


Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.29.29 PMAt the start of September 2018, an inhumane punishment was sentenced in a Sharia Court, in the state of Terengganu. The court ordered that 2 women should be caned, for engaging in a sexual relationship. 

The women were not sighted as furious for receiving this barbaric punishment. Rather than being sparked with anger, they were showing remorse, as the remorse were for the court members. Not to forget that this punishment violated more than one article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The LGBT members are abused and discriminated as not even people and are ignored by their rights.  LGBT Community does not need extra rights, they need their Human Rights.

Everyone is born different, but they are still human. Some of these differences are accepted, but some are denied this ability to be accepted. The LGBT Community is an honest community, which is happily accepted in some societies, but the community itself is not accepted in Malaysia. The Prime Minister is essentially allowing local courts to commit inhumane punishments when he should be protecting the international Human Rights of the Malaysian people.

Malaysia’s citizens know that the country celebrates many international celebrations such as Christmas, Holi, Deepavali, Easter, Wesak Day. Some of these celebrations are very Western-like Christmas and Easter, but the Prime Minister claims that Malaysia will not recognize the Western way of accepting same-sex interactions in Malaysia. Many find this absurd and quite strange that how he will accept to encourage these “Western” celebrations but not their ways of accepting other people with a different kind of love. 

These ‘Western’ ways are particularly directed to denying people to love who they want, which he violates that, as he is discriminating the members and he does not treat them equally.

In Malaysia, some officials and their superiors deny that there is even an LGBT community. The Tourism Minister claimed, “I don’t think we have anything like that in our country, ” he means by this that he is ignoring this kind of community is present in the country; moreover, he wants to achieve whatever is happening to the LGBT community is that it is none of his business. 

Not only the Prime Minister denies the human rights of the members of the LGBT Community. Even the authorities have an unconditional way of “keeping the peace” in their country. Government officials raided a small nightclub; that had transgender women, and they condemned those people to prison. 

The government minister did this and was hoping to send a warning about the LGBT Community spreading through Malaysia. Thilaga Sulathireh, the co-founder of trans rights group Justice For Sisters, even said, “We are under attack in an unprecedented way”. 

The authorities are even willing enough to invade private homes during a wedding to arrest 16 transgender women and sending them to prison. These human beings were severely punished because they were not as “normal”. They even had their human rights violated just because they contained a different kind of love than other people.

This honest community is present in many countries(including Malaysia), but the fact is people don’t like change. Change is different, and being different terrifies people. As humans we all have rights, they are very important and essential as this qualifies us as human. In Malaysia people to this day still, get harassed at their work environment when they are homosexual or to crossdress. 

Essentially, people are, who they are. People are allowed to love themselves and love others as much as any other person would. People live to enjoy and to embrace the freedom of life and the friendships they create with others. No matter what gender, sexual orientation, or sexual relationship you are. The LGBT community deserve the right to be accepted and the right to be treated no different than from any other community. 


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