Can we really bike in KL?

By YeJun


We all heard it: CO2 emissions are hitting the top over the last 50 years. 

We need to reduce air pollution by using greener transportation. 

We are all tired of the babbles and chatter of the so called intellectuals and their ongoing commands of ‘do this, do that’ that some people are starting to lose trust in the existence of global warming itself. 

We are the reason trees are dying,

We are the reason people are starving,

We are the reason why the world is going through global warming.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise when they start blaming us citizens for all the evil and crime in the world.

Even after bearing the rants and complaints of our politicians, we were not given a single proper solution, that us as citizens could be a part in. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 4.12.07 PMAs considerate and forgiving citizens of KL, we concluded this problem as just an inability of the government to make trustworthy solutions, so we went ahead and created one for ourselves.

If our cars are that much of a nuisance to the atmosphere,

If you say bicycles are a way better alternative to cars,

Why don’t we start by constructing new bike roads for bikers?

As a biker in Malaysia, there are countless factors that stop you from your ride.

The bumpy pedestrian roads, the racing and honking cars, and the irritated looks of walking people. 

These 3 factors made me throw my bike in the garage in just 3 days of biking in Malaysia.

Hated by everyone on the road, you become the villain of the road, dominating the world by emitting less CO2.

Us, as KL citizens, are requiring a bike path around the city for biker so feel safe being who they really are. 

The KL government has once made a bike path around the main skyscrapers of KL, where cars drive at 80 miles per hour. Considering this, it makes me question if the managers do not know what happens to a human body when it collides to a 1000 kg object running at 80 miles per hour. 

Just like painting a metal ring with gold paint, KL proudly verified themselves as an eco-friendly country, ignoring all of the safety issues with a straight face. 

Not long later, there were several issues with the bike path itself.

The dividers between the bike road and the car road not only injured the bikers, but ended up with some car and motorcycle crashes. 

Not only that, their obvious lies about their high-tech paint were busted. 

As several professionals proved, there were no chemicals of anti-slip included in the paint of of the bike paths, which KL haughtily claimed about.

“KL Car Free Morning is an event where they restrict certain roads that no cars can enter at all, and have people walk around or bike, with small stalls selling food. A lot of KL citizens participate in this event, just for the purpose of improving the Earth’s environment.

And what has the government supported for this event?

Yes. As you expected. Nothing.

If there is any chance the KL government comes to read this, and you still do have a hint of guilt left within yourself, just give a little thought what this will bring to KL.

If CO2 emissions are a problem, build a bike path for people to bike on.

If traffic at rush hour causing problems, build a bike path for people to bike on.

If I can, I want to take my beloved bike out of my garage and start pounding on the pedals. 

It is probably the same for thousands of your people in KL. 

Unless you believe global warming is not a thing, you would probably know better for yourself.

Build bike paths for the people.


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