The Barrier to a Cruelty-free World

By Vanessa


Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 10.18.57 AMHow much does your beauty cost? $50? 100? 200? The eyes of a baby rabbit? Are your new eyelashes worth harming innumerable numbers of animals suffering from cruelty and abuse everyday? 

Approximately 100,000-200,000 animals around the world still suffer and die for cosmetics every year. People are finally speaking out to large companies and cosmetic brands in the industry to take action in stopping animal testing in their products. Brands such as MAC, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, etc. are known for running merciless test on rabbits, mice, guinea pig etc. Buying products from these brands shows support for them and their cruelty on animals. This selfish and inconsiderate practice should not be tolerated.

Many cosmetics that pass animal tests are conventionally not guaranteed to be safe which is why scientists decided to use animals instead  remorseless and inhumane. Brutal experiments manipulating animals as variables are designed and performed to create a variety of products for us humans. These experiments end up harming the animals tested during trials. Rabbit eyelashes are used and re-used countless of times until eyes are demolished and swollen; animal skin is tested on, causing severe rashes and burns until it peels the skin; animals are trapped in harsh and illiberal environments that kills countless of lives from stress. 

Do you think this makes you beautiful? 

If you think wearing cosmetics from these brands makes you more beautiful, you’re wrong. There is no beauty in any of this. It’s ugly. NOTHING can be more ugly than ignorance and violence. Wearing these products makes not only the scientists, but YOU the killer as well. YOU are the one jabbing the eyes of rabbits. YOU are the one burning off the skins of guinea pigs. YOU are the one supporting and helping to kill millions of lives. 

Do you think this makes you beautiful?

These animals, like us, are alive. It is wrong and ignorant to forcefully make them take part of our vicious science experiments. Why should they be taken advantage of for being harmless? Every life matters, and life comes before anything else, including the cruel, callous experiments we design. 

Many may argue that even though animal testing on products can be viewed as cruel, it is a necessary process. However, science has proven that our commodities can be tested for safety and possible risk factors without having to test on animals; Science experiments could be performed on cell cultures. Skin and eye models could be made from reconstituted human skin. Tissues could be developed and used to replace the brutal rabbit irritation tests. 

Many brands refuse to follow this way of testing because of financial matters. However, I, and many other supporters of cruelty-free testing believe justice should come before wealth and financial benefits. There are cosmetic brands already agreeing to this and testing this way, Kat Von D being one of the main ones. Kat Von D is currently one of the world’s most successful cosmetic brands. If they do it, why shouldn’t the others? 

What we can do to help? Refuse to buy non-cruelty-free products. Yes, to some, this may seem quite small of a move and may think not much would change. But it still can and will make a change in this world once a large number of people start to contribute as well. There are 7.53 billion people in our world today. Imagine if the majority of these people took action. Not so minor now.

So make the right decision. It wouldn’t take too much of your effort. But this effortless move can make a huge impact. It can save lives. Our role is to encourage these cosmetic brands to stop using cruelty on animals by financially affecting their business. If we continue to pay for their products, companies will believe it’s ok to use cruelty on animals since their business is not affected. 

This is not ok. Animal cruelty is not ok. 

Let’s end this inhumane brutality. Every one of us on this planet should be caring about our world. It is our job to care. Say no to animal testing, because I think our society can and should do much better than this despotism. 


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