Is Gun Control the Answer?

By Arjun  


Guns are a gateway to death.

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According to CNBC, there are 250,000 deaths per year in the world due to guns. A quarter of a million people dead because of guns, each year and the number keeps rising as the years go on. And the US makes up almost 20% of all those deaths according to the New York Times. Also according to Quartz, there are anywhere from 270 to 310 million guns in circulation in the US, almost a gun per person. Quartz also states that the US owns almost a quarter of all guns in circulation. 

As previously mentioned before there is nearly as many guns as there are people in the US. This consists of 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns. That 20% roughly equals out to somewhere between 30,000-40,000 deaths. Which is close to 100 a day. With pretty close to half of these deaths being homicides more commonly known as murders. The most commonly used chosen gun is a handgun, better yet a pistol. 

Which covers more than 60% while shotguns and rifles each makeup roughly 5%, with the other 30% left unknown. Furthermore handguns are the most accessible gun as they are the most mass produced gun in the US as well as the cheapest going for about $200. And obviously an object as such that can end lives in second when in the wrong hands, guarantees tragedy. In an article by BBC, it states that there have been more than 90 mass shootings since 1982.

That almost 3 mass shootings a year. BBC classifies mass shootings as, “A mass shooting was defined as when an attacker had killed four or more victims in an indiscriminate rampage.” And the US being the US had to show up that definition. This is shown in a graph provided by BBC, where it exhibits the “Worst mass shootings in the US since 1991 by amount of victims killed.” There’s a rather clear and horrifying exponential increase as the years pass the number of casualties increase as well.

This trend can be explained in one of two ways, firstly Trump was elected into the office and promised his supporters and voters to loosen the restriction of gun control. And secondly technology is improving at rapid speeds, and guns could fall under the category of technology. They are becoming more mass produced and much more deadly and harmful. Overall guns as many know are extremely deadly, and keep on being produced at unreal speeds. And thanks to Trump they are now more accessible than ever.

One could argue that guns aren’t the problem in this situation, it’s the people, it’s the government. Basically any excuse with the slightest basis of logic behind it, people will try to use it to justify it. An article found on Gale by Steven E. Wright, states that laws limiting the purchase of guns will lead people to the black market as a source of cheap firearms. 

As I stated before people who are advocates for little to no gun control base their arguments off of very little logic which is shown in another passage by Wright. In which he says large capacity magazines shouldn’t be banned as they are as deadly as normal magazines just with more ammunition. The stupidity in that statement is exactly why people like him and many others shouldn’t have access to these weapons. 

Why would you need more ammunition if they are just as deadly as one another? To conclude there may be a few valid points to some aspects of gun control laws but one must construct an extremely well thought and logical argument for their point to even slightly be considered by any educated person.


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