Equality and Fairness in Football

By Ikem


Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 10.48.15 AMThe FIFA World Cup is getting boring. The biggest tournament is getting worse every 4 years. There’s always excitement in the beginning, but the same results happen in the end. 

The World Cup is set that Asia, Africa, and South America all equally get 5 spots each, but Europe receives 13, essentially making their qualifiers easier. The FIFA World Cup could be filled with more upsets, and more unexpected moments if everyone from each continent comes had the same amount of teams. The World Cup has consisted of finalists from South America and Europe. African, Asian,  and North American teams are off the radar. Why is it called a “World Cup” ? I want to see teams like Japan, Senegal, Mexico, Australia, Nigeria, South Korea, surprise a few teams, and advance in the tournament. Europe is getting to many slots to qualify, and FIFA needs cut 13 spots to 5 spots

The tournament has always been the most prestigious competition for years, but there’s been pattern every 4 years. Surely people have questioned this mysterious outcome. Everyone watching isn’t rooting for Europe or South American teams. Changes have to be made. Why hasn’t an African team reached the semi final? Can multiple Asian teams reach the knockout stage? These are constant questions that are NEVER going to be answered in this generation of football. This tournament bring tears, brings smiles, different emotions, but it brings frustration of witnessing the same teams. Nothing New!

Qualifying for the World Cup is no walk in the park, we’ve seen big names not make it. FIFA organization needs to cut 13 European spots to 5 spots. This gives a lower possibility of two European teams in a World Cup group, and tougher qualifying series for every continent.   FIFA emerged a scenario where,48 countries participating at 2026. This is wrong, and making international football boring. 48 teams at 2026 means, Europe getting 16 teams. 


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