Does The Pakistan Cricket Board Support Terrorism?

By: Manas


Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 11.00.26 AMIndia and Pakistan, a turmoil that is even seen in sports, and this time it wasn’t anything different.

Pakistan have made a lot of senseless statements in the past, but this time it was a bit extreme. In February a terrorist attack allegedly carried out by a Pakistani terrorist group called the Jaish-e-Mohammad killed 40 Indian paramilitary officers. This sparked global tensions between India and Pakistan. To help the families of the late officers BCCI, the governing body for cricket in India sported camouflage military caps to show support for the late officers. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board weren’t so pleased. So the PCB chairman Essan Mani decided to send a complaint to the International Cricket Council stating that India “tried to use cricket for politics”. The ICC replied by saying that there was nothing wrong with what the BCCI had done as they were given permission to do so. This to me seemed stupid how can such a multi-million dollar board be so downright cold-hearted to care about using cricket as politics, when a country is in such trouble.

This issue might seem trivial but its is actually big as the PCB is condemning the Indian Cricket Team from fighting terrorism in a peaceful manner by sporting just a petty cap. This goes to show how disgraceful the PCB is to not allow a group of people who are trying to spark a little bit of light into the families of the late soldiers who are in pitch black darkness. I think that what the PCB is doing is wrong.

BCCI isn’t trying to insult Pakistan, they are just trying to express their view on terrorism, which in my view is right. 

Politics in cricket has been a talking point for the past decade, examples of these can be seen when  England all-rounder Moeen Ali wore wristbands with the slogans “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine” during a Test against India in 2014, and South Africa spinner Imran Tahir, who displayed a T-shirt of religious preacher Junaid Jamshed after taking a wicket against Sri Lanka in 2017. But these were for completely different reasons such as religion and state tensions. What BCCI was supporting is anti terrorism, a subject that should be unanimously supported, so should the sporting of military caps in the cricket match. I support the showing of political speech in cricket when it comes to the subject of terrorism. A act that is very deadly should always be spoken against in any way possible, even if it requires the use of politics in cricket.

The Pakistan Government should supervise the PCB to not interfere in what BCCI is doing, in fact the pakistani government should support what India is doing. The PCB hasn’t said anything on the death of 40 Indian soldiers, but have had a lot to say on the military caps worn by the Indian Cricket Team. Instead of criticising what is cricket and what is not, they should be doing something about the terrorism in their country. India on the other hand have done a smart move by publicizing the terror acts of Pakistan, by wearing military caps on the cricket field. For at least 1 billion people all around the world watching one game of cricket it would inform them of what Pakistan had done and how terrible terrorism is.

Terrorism is a malignant act. The BCCI was doing a simple anti terrorism act bt wearing military caps to condemn it.Anti Terrorism should be expressed everywhere and anywhere possible. No One can stop someone from expressing anti-terrorism, not even the PCB. But it was criticized by the PCB for politicizing cricket. The article’s aim was to tell the real importance of what the BCCI was trying to communicate to its audiences, and ridicule the PCB for its balderdash criticism. Pakistan needs to back off in situations that have to do with terrorism, because I don’t think they know what they are doing.


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