A Concrete Jungle

By Dayyan

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A “concrete jungle” according to Alicia Keys. One of her songs is called the “Empire State Of Mind.” In the chorus of the song, She said that it’s a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of “, and that “these streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you” A city that many artists chose to sing about. 

A seven-day trip; A trip to New York City is ideal for such lengths. It may change your perspective on life for the greater good.

Day one begins! Statue of Liberty, one of the tallest statues in America. It remains a famous symbol of freedom. The statue of Liberty was given to the U.S. by France to celebrate America’s 100th anniversary as a nation. It also commemorates the alliance between the two nations during the Revolutionary War. By the time you arrived back, it’ll be late, so head towards one of the brightest areas in the city. Time Square. An area where the night does not disturb the vibe. An area filled with unimaginable stores. It has everything you need to get if you’re a shopper. Even such a store where they only sell M&M’s. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 4.01.08 PMTomorrow, you will be breathing in one of the greenest areas in the city. Central Park. An urban park. An excellent spot to have a picnic in the summer, but excellent to go ice skating in the winter. The park is a place where you could spend the whole day. Get your meals at the food vendors. Hotdog, Corndogs, Hamburgers; All added with the typical mustard and ketchup will get you through the day. Lied down under the trees and watch the clouds pass by. Play catch with your loved ones. Go skiing in the winter, and the carnivals in the summer.

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 4.01.15 PMOn the third day, you’re fresh. Fresh and ready to go. Head to the top of the Rockefeller Center. The view is breathtaking as it provides a majestic view over Manhattan. The wind blowing through your face. The pressure, the gravitational pull; knowing how high up you are and seeing the small citizens down below. The Empire State building, Central Park; they all look so minuscule yet so marvellous as you realize the type of world we live in. The fresh, unique, cold air that fills your lungs. It’s just one of the essential areas to go to as a tourist. This won’t be the end of the third day just yet. The famous Broadway shows, one of the highlights in NYC. You can see the classical Lion King. It’s one of the best Broadway shows in NYC, and have been on Broadway since 1997. You could also see Broadway’s masterpiece, Hamilton. It’s about Alexander Hamilton, who worked hard to create such a legacy fighting for his beloved nation. There are so many more brilliant shows. Almost everyone who visits New York City will go to one of the Broadway shows. Purchase the tickets in advance as the seats get taking sooner or later when it’s available.

It seems like this holiday is about to come to an end, but this will not be the end of your holiday unless you wanted to. There are just so many places yet to be seen and that’s the beauty of New York City. You won’t even get bored the City if you lived there for a year. 

Jay Z once said that “New York has a thousand universes in it that don’t always connect but we do all walk the same streets, hear the same sirens, ride the same subways, see the same headlines in the Post, read the same writings on the walls. That shared landscape gets inside of all of us and, in some small way, unites us, makes us think we know each other even when we don’t.” 

Believe it or not, that’s how many feel about New York.


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