Why Being Lazy May Be Better Than You Think

By Sebastian

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 11.24.28 AMYou will never achieve anything if you are lazy, this idea has been put into our heads from a very young age. And, to be fair this does have some merit to it. It makes you procrastinate, not do things that are important for us.

So, why am I talking about something that seems so straight forward?

Well, it’s because I am lazy. 

I would rather be driving for 45 minutes instead of walking for 2 and I feel the need to defend myself, and others. 

While laziness is a bad thing in many different scenarios, it can also come out to good results in others. Many different “Geniuses” from across history were once said to be lazy, from Charles Darwin to Winston Churchill! According to Inc.com, Churchill, in particular, had a daily routine that involved working from bed from 7:30 to 11:00 AM.

So, can lazy people be successful?   


The reason for this is a combination of many factors. The first factor is time management. If you are lazy, you will focus completely on only what is necessary to get the job done, instead of focusing on all the smaller and more complex parts. When they are faced with a problem, they will be able to simply find a shortcut around it. Because of this, people who are lazy also tend to do their work more efficiently than other people, leaving them with more time to do what they want.

Creativity is the second factor. As mentioned briefly, lazy people can easily find solutions to hard problems. Need proof? Just look around you! We were too lazy to walk around everywhere, so we invented the horse-drawn cart. We didn’t like needing to get a horse, so we invented the car. We didn’t like only having a phone in a house, so we made mobile phones. By just looking around, you can see numerous examples of times where humanity was just feeling a bit lazy, and so had to find a way around it. Even in smaller things, like programming. Finding shortcuts around problems makes the world much more efficient than it once was.

Additionally, we have the ability to relax more often. Because of the last two factors, lazy people have the time to just sit back, and do what they want for a few hours. They’ve done their work, so why not just do nothing for a few hours. This may not be key to becoming successful, but it certainly helps. Many different works of art and famous songs were created and thought up during such periods of inactivity, and since lazy people don’t have any work left over, they can just be creative for a few hours. A study done be Wired shows that boredom has a positive effect on creativity, as it shows that people who have done more boring things have more creative ideas.

Given these points, while it is not certain that a lazy person will become successful, the chance is definitely there, despite what some people might try to tell you. With the right tools, like the time to be bored, and the right environment, like a comfortable bed, the so-called “lazy bums” will be able to succeed massively in many areas.


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