Where’s the Humanity In Hate

By Vasily


Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.29.29 PMYou’ve judged someone. Maybe unintentionally. But somehow this changed the way they looked at themselves. Maybe you’ve seen someone question their appearance, belief or personality because of someone else’s words. Now imagine someone says you have a mental illness because of who you are.

Young, talented, social bloggers always have a frivolous stance on everything. Ezzat Eddy, a social media influencer inhabiting Malaysia made a accurate statement. His declaration on instagram that he shortly removed was that anyone part of the LGBT movement has a mental illness. “What the f**k is going on Malaysia?”, he enunciated, in attempt to strike some sort of patriotic reaction from the Malaysian community to support him in his diagnosis for the LGBT community and demonstrations. Looks like he needs a doctor’s visit himself. It seems like the disease spreading isn’t this choice of life and love. Instead it’s hate.

Accompanying this hate and legitimizing the outcasting of the LGBT community, come the words of Malaysia’s Dr. Mahatir Mohamad taken from “The Star” news. Malaysia supposedly does not recognise LGBT culture or same sex marriage because Malaysia does not subscribe to “Western Values”. If Malaysia isn’t letting people express themselves through their lifestyle, how else are they supposed to show their emotions? Greed and corruption? Is this ironic?

Yes, it is.

And at this point – this oppressive hand of the government doesn’t have to do with religion, because if drinking and partying had creeped its ways through thousands of years of culture, Maybe freedom of speech, and basic human rights should be stolen from their list of must have things. 

Working through global issues that affect masses like government corruption or pollution should teach us more about changing ourselves and our outlooks or morals. However, for our patient Ezzat, living in a tricultural country with many differences isn’t enough to keep his emotions to himself. If we look at the bigger picture, people will be afraid of revealing their identity because of judgement from friends and people around. This little flame of worry will turn into a wildfire of fear where our own names might embarrass us.

These anti-LGBT acts aren’t only limiting people of their identity but putting them in a outsiders place. People are most afraid of rejection, so how is it that Ezzat Eddy believes in supporting the poor and yet is the big bad wolf towards another group of people who are then looked down upon by their family and friends? Social ties build trust and most importantly, Love. Apart from human rights themselves, are human needs going to be taken away too?

As a student in ISKL, we encounter differences in thinking and acting based off of nurture, morals and sometimes religions. What appeals to people isn’t stating your opinion in hopes of controversy or conformity, but inflicting positive change. And we most certainly don’t bash people who don’t follow our rules, we learn from them. Just like people should learn to accept others.

I most certainly don’t want to accuse and witch-hunt Ezzat for acting out of misguided idiocy, but to change his message into a public service announcement. That it’s not the people around us that need to change, but ourselves. This should matter to everyone because our intention is to build a utopian future instead of a hateful one. 


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