Bolsonaro for Brazil

By Lucca


Yet another bad, corrupt leader for Brazil.

This is why the GDP has dropped, tourism rates have gone down since 2014, crime rates have been increasing. However, with Bolsonaro, a sexist, homophobic strongman, will that change?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the election of Bolsonaro. The general Brazilian population are for him, however, the greater part of the people around the world don’t like him and international news sources mostly have negative articles about Bolsonaro and his campaign. The truth is that Brazil needs Bolsonaro, it will crumble without him. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.07.26 PMBefore the elections, Brazil was under a horrible government. Dilma Rousseff was in power with the Partido dos Trabalhadores” (PT) or the Workers’ Party. The PT, deceived the people with fraudulent news. News regarding political matters was mostly fabricated, they only showed what they wanted the people to see. They also didn’t put in effort to solve Brazil’s gang problem. PT was lenient with crimes, stating it was a “product of their environment”. In addition, there was also widespread corruption, and elaborate scandals. PT promised to spread the wealth from the rich, to the poor; however, the political party took most of the wealth. One of the largest ways they took money was from a classified operation called “Operação Lava Jato” (Operacion Car Wash). It revolved around the oil company, Petrobras. This operation caused Brazil’s GDP to go from 2.6 trillion U.S. dollars to 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars, a decrease of roughly 800 billion dollars. This was all because of PT’s corruption and greed, they are the true villains of this story.

Slowly, people started to catch on and were desperate for a strong new leader to recover Brazil from its corruption, crime, and collapse. Jair Bolsonaro had everything going against him at first. The brazilian media twisted his words against him because of PT, they actively tried to manipulate the public by paying brazilian news sources under the table. Not all, but some International media sources mistranslated his portuguese against him. Bilingual Brazilians, such as my family, caught some incorrect and biased left-winged translations done on his speeches. In the past, he as also acted in some racist and sexist ways, however Bolsonaro hasn’t stated that he will implement what he said into the constitution. He did say that he will stop the brazilian educational system from strongly encourage LGBTQ+. This is also an example of how the PT government did things, The books and works given to small kindergarten children were more inappropriate and manipulative than educational. 5 year-old kids shouldn’t be encouraged to experiment with sexually!

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.07.33 PMBolsonaro will also enforce the punishments for criminals. It is because of the lack of police force that certain places in Brazil are extremely dangerous and uncontrolled by the police. The law before Bolsonaro stated that if a police officer shot a criminal, the police officer will be the offender and will have to serve jail time. Self defence and the ownership of a handgun is also an interesting topic. Some may disagree if people should be allowed to own a firearm, but Bolsonaro believes that in an event of a property break in, the owner should have the right to act in self defence. This will lower the chances of a criminal breaking into a house because of fear, and because of enforced laws. In fact, crime rates have gone down 25% in just the first two months under Bolsonaros presidency. Now that is change!

Bolsonaro was the leader that Brazil chose because they needed a change. Bolsonaro wants to better the lives of the majority, the good people of Brazil. This is how he will rise brazil up again . People should not be fooled by their government like brazil was. A leader should be judged for how they will improve a country, instead of how they have presented themselves in the past.


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Fake news

Lula’s son (Lula was the president before Dilma)