A Country in Shambles

By Ethan


Venezuela is on the road to disaster and Nicolas Maduro is driving the bus.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 11.10.52 AMInflation in the South American country has never been so high, and with the president rejecting foreign aid who is left to help the citizens? The people of Venezuela have taken to the streets to protest the ignorance of the government. A government which is ruled by a president who uses thugs to “get rid” of people who oppose him and even threatens medics trying to save dying people in the streets. Such corruption and barbarous behavior alone should be enough to convince anyone. Nicolas Maduro is not fit to be president of Venezuela and should promptly be impeached from power before more lives are lost.

Not only is the crisis in Venezuela presidential, but socio economic also. In 2017 almost 75% of the Venezuelan population had last 8kg due to hunger and more than half of that 75% didn’t have enough money to meet their basic food needs. By the end of 2018 over 90% of the Venezuelan population fell under the poverty line. And during all of this the government is taking no action to help its citizens and is actually denying help from humanitarian groups from the United States with Maduro saying his people “aren’t beggars”. These groups are trying to transport around 60 million dollars worth of aid to the starving citizens of Venezuela including food, water, and medicine. Interim president Juan Guaidó says that this aid could be “lifesaving” and is adamant about getting this aid to the citizens in need, gaining him support from other countries as well as many of the citizens.

Despite the outcry from the Venezuelan citizens whether it’s on social media or it’s protests in the streets the government pleads ignorance and does nothing to try to help the citizens of their country despite the poverty and malnourishment of its people. The country is teetering on the edge of anarchy and there have been protest marches since 2014. Recently these protests have been disbanded due to the use of tear gas by the police or gunmen in helicopters. And people who have been known to protest the government publicly have been killed by Maduros special force called the colectivo. Eighteen year-old Yonaiker Ordóñez attended a protest against Maduro and the day after Maduros thugs broke into the teenagers house took him behind his house and murdered him while his family was still inside. This is just one of the cases of Maduros thugs killing people who publicly oppose the president and the death toll is rising very quickly. Another group of thugs loyal to Maduro are called the Faes and have many victims as well. 19 year old Alixon Pasani was protesting against Maduro because he and his family were going hungry when he was shot in the arm and the chest. These are just a couple of the groups of criminals loyal to Maduro, taking any innocent lives they see fit to take. 

How many more have to die before the government realizes they need change and it needs to start from the inside? A president with hundreds of criminals loyal to him killing protesters and a president willing to tear gas protesters and open fire on them and someone willing to block roads and deny the help of humanitarian groups trying to help his country in poverty that he has created should not be president at all. The evidence is overwhelming and through all the country’s people are going through one thing should be made more than clear by the events unfolding, Nicolas Maduro should promptly be impeached from power and replaced with someone willing to rebuild the country and not someone with criminal gangs under their power and letting their citizens starve. 

When you think of a president do you think of a monster?


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