Bleak Future of Japan

By Ayari


We may wake up one day to find that there are not enough children who are responsible for the next generation but a lot of elder people who need to be taken care of by the generation.

While the world population has been growing, Japan is one country that is facing population decline. According to the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the nation’s total population is going to drop 20 million less than now in 2050. This is something that must be avoided. And something that must be discussed and taken action by every person in the country.

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The population has been dropping every year since 2010. The statistics and researches indicate show the changes. The ratio of those who had never been married at age 50 has increased by 18% for men and 8% for women(1960-2010). In recent years, there are a lot of women who want to work, more than having children. Another factor of population decline is a financial problem when raising their children.

Let’s imagine what happens if there are fewer people in a country. There are less superior people that can lead the country and pay the pension. Moreover, there is a higher possibility of increasing taxes when young people become adults as there are more elderly than young people, and there may not be enough support when the young people got older when they need to live on a pension.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.51.04 AMBased on these, what can we do? How can we stop? I believe that there is no way to completely stop this. We need to do a lot of things to slow down the decline and hopefully a little increase. The group of people that need to take action is companies that are responsible for their employees. They may create a childcare center inside the company so that women can visit their children whenever they want to. Moreover, a company should give some days off or let the man employees get back home early to let them involved in childcare.

In France, not only they provide “family allowances” to families that raise two or more children but also provide financial support to reduce income tax for families that raise three or more children. This is the most efficient way because you can get more advantages if you get more children. To be honest, the only thing each person can do to break the present situation is to be aware of the huge problem. We need to understand, take time, face and resolve it little by little.

In conclusion, support from the government and companies and also by giving people advantages in having more children must be key to the solution to increase the population. All of us in the country must know what is happening and what might be going to happen and finally take action. Let’s not make a future bleak but make a future bright.


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