The Sweet Side of Free University

By Volt

Equality will Improve the American Society

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Imagine yourself frantically looking for a possible knowledgeable university, like Harvard or Yale. Then you realize that it’s too expensive. But, what if the universities are free? What would happen?

Denmark is a country where every citizen has access to university because their education is either cheap or free. However, in the US, university fees kept rising over the last 30 years. Should the governments pay for universities in the US? I believe that the US government should pay and subsidize tuition for all universities. A free university should be a part of our lives, as it would benefit everybody. Because everyone will receive a high level of knowledge without going through the stress of finance, the economy would continue to thrive.

We go through a lot of stress in university, whether it is about a presentation or a big project. That amount of stress is already chaotic. Despite all the stress in university, we still have to worry about our student loans and university fees. However, if the government covers a student’s education fees, students could focus and invest a lot of their time into school instead of finance issues. Those who are in free universities, like the students in Denmark, are considered lucky people. Because according to The Washington Post, all Denmark universities are paid by the government. This solves all the financial stress and is a weight off student’s shoulders. Free universities help students forget about the financial stress so they can just focus on their university.

If the government gives every citizen access to high education it will benefit the nation as well. People apply for university because it helps them gain the knowledge to further advance their nation. However, in order to help the economy,  they must study at a higher education school which is in most cases, is high in cost. As Heather Long stated, the average cost of higher education in the US is $87,000 to $115,000 for four years at a state university which is based on an estimate done by in 2006. This is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, it’s “forcing them to take out more and more loans”, according to The Atlantic. Sometimes the issue can become so large people “quit university altogether” (Marcus). This leads to fewer people going to university and forces the economy to slow the development rate.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 12.40.59 PMAlthough I have explained why the government should pay for university fees, some people may ask, where would the US government get all this money to afford to send their citizens to university? How can universities stay in business if the US cuts corners and does not give fair wages to their workers? Do the foreigners get the benefit too? Is it fair to their citizens? Well, to answer the first two of those questions, the most realistic way is by increasing the amount of taxes for the wealthiest billionaire to get more money, so that everyone can receive higher education. That way, the government can use the money to support high education as well as giving fair wages to their workers. It would benefit the citizens who don’t have access to high education, but the billionaires business worker will also get more educated workers resulting in more profit. The US government should also implement a standard test or another way for the foreigner to prove themselves as worthy deserving the same privileges as the citizen of the US. In France for example. To attend free university in France a student must pass the DELF B2 test.

Overall, the government should pay for universities as it would make high education available for everyone. Not only will it help with financial issue, but it will also create a more developed economy because more people would be more educated. I believe that free university is possible for the US, I believe that everyone should have access to education.


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