Can Money Really Buy You Happiness

By Daryn

About 10 years ago Playstation started getting people’s attention. Seemed like everyone was buying it. Then there was me who wanted to save up but seemed like it was forever. Never was able to get it. Made me feeling devastated, even by the time I had the money, there was always something else I wanted. Then smartphones started to get popular. Me being me, I wanted one. Apple was one of the top brands back then and still now. Seemed like I needed one in my life. Like before, I never got to the amount that was needed to purchase. Again,never got one because the price was way to high for me to afford at the time. As a kid I always wanted the toy everyone had or a video game that was just released. It seemed like it played a big role when growing up. My mindset was always want, want, want, before I started to mature. However, now it has changed significantly.

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When it comes to happiness and money, many of us think of nice accessories and luxurious houses and cars. As time goes by, and you find jobs, money starts to flow in. To survive you must work to get money to support yourself or your family. Yet does the amount of money you make a year affect your happiness? Does money really buy happiness? So many people concentrate on making more money than others to buy items, but does all that matter…

Money can buy happiness, but to a certain extent. With low wages its a hard life, If you have too much money it could cause problems.  Many say that money cannot buy happiness,however, that is not true, on certain levels. People with an average income of 60,000$ a year live comfortably. To the point where they can live and buy items that make them happy. Growing up, I wasn’t starving or living the best life. Of course living in poverty can be quite hard but being too rich for me is not important. If I was receiving high wages yearly I would feel like there would always be something I would want to buy. Making me greedy and selfish. Even if I was making millions a year I wouldn’t be spending here and there. Values are important to me, if you don’t know how to handle the money yourself then it can turn sideways. My viewpoint of money today is that if you don’t spend it wisely then it doesn’t always make you happy. If rich are spending so much money on themselves, they should be thinking about helping other people since they are so fortunate. If your values aren’t good you will be just throwing away money dailey. However, many think that money is everything in life. It gives you everything imaginable.

Everything we buy from a phone to a vacation is short term. When these events or items start to fade away, the happiness that comes from purchasing experiences tends to increase over a period of time. Once we realize that buying items we want triggers dopamine we tend to want more and more.  A study that was done at Princeton university proved that money can’t buy happiness to a certain extent. The scientists do say that happiness does increase with prosperity, but the earning 75,000 dollars a year is good enough. Anything lower they are not as happy. However making more than $75,000 a year they don’t report any greater degree of happiness.

Although money is essential in life, spending too much does not always make you happy. Spending a certain amount can make you happy, but spending too much can cause issues. Sometimes money doesn’t always buy happiness.