Tokyo Olympics

By Mahiro Nishiwaki

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The 2020 Olympics should not be held in Tokyo.

First of all, as construction begins for the 2020 Olympic Games, thousands of people are being evicted from their beloved homes. Can you imagine if your home was being destroyed by government? The demolition of a public housing complex in the Kasumigaoka will result in the evictions of 160 households. Also other homes are being destroyed. 60% of the residence facing eviction are over 60 years old. These people do not have energy to fight and there is no reasons to fight because they cannot win. I feel so sorry for these people.

Furthermore, homeless people who already suffer will find it even more difficult to live.

Almost a quarter of Tokyo’s estimated 6,235 homeless people are located in the city’s parks with no food and no bed because of low income.Their makeshift houses are being destroyed because the government wants to hide the homeless from visitors and athletes. These poor people are too powerless and too old to protest.

This ridiculous problem is not only in Japan. Sydney, London, and Atlanta had the same problem in the past so it is now our problem. I think these poor people who were hidden by government need help from somebody who has the knowledge and power to fight with the government. Young people, especially high school students, have to know about this problem and solve it. We cannot ignore this terrible trouble.

Second of all, Tokyo is too hot. When I walk in the sunshine in Tokyo, I feel so uncomfortable. I get sweaty and feel dizzy. Furthermore, in Japan we feel hotter because of the humidity so it is easy to suffer heat stroke.   

As many as 1731 people died of heat stroke in 2010 in Japan, which was called “The Hottest Summer In History.”   The Olympics will start in the middle of the summer.  Many athletes, volunteers, and visitors would be exposed to the same heat hazard. The solution is not to change the date because even with the danger of summer heat stroke, the government cannot change the date because TV companies do not want the same day for airing other games and the Olympics. From mid August, football leagues will start in Europe. The NFL will open in US in September. The October Major League World Series begins in October. European football starts in June so The Olympic have to be held in July.

There is one more weird and unbelievable reason to not host the Olympics. Japan’s huge earthquake in 2011 especially damaged Fukushima where about 7000 people still live in temporary housing. Fukushima already lacks reconstruction workers because most go to Tokyo to earn money. If Tokyo hosts the Olympics, even more labor will be concentrated in Tokyo.

The money and people that was supposed to be spent in the disaster area will be spent on the Olympics. Japan will spend billions to build infrastructures like new stadiums and facilities. The government announced in July 2015 their plans for constructing a new National Stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the demolition of a public housing complex. Project costs may reach USD 2 billion.

Of course, hosting the Olympics brings many benefits that cannot bring other things. For example, tons of people from different countries will visit Tokyo and spend money on hotels, foods, and transportations as well as shopping at convenience stores. There is also an advertising bonus for places that have not received foreign attention. And there will be more people interested in the sport after the Olympics. In addition, Japanese people will be more active and many sports goods will sell better than before.

However, homeless people will be hidden by government and people will die because of the heat of Tokyo. My opinion is the government should not hold the Olympics in Tokyo.


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