No More

By Youngkyung Yun


“Awww”, your first impression. “I want one too”, your next.

Stop it just there; be carried away no further.

Before anything, just a reminder: you are not about to get yourself a pair of Nike Air Max, nor a set of trendy Airpods.

What it is, is a living creature, a beating heartbeat.

Having a pet in the household has become a fashion these days, as it seems there’s at least one animal cozy next door if not your own. True enough, now more households bear pets than children, with pets outnumbering children by 68% to 41.4% in the US. What’s more, the millennials have now become the largest pet-owning population, foreseeing yet another generation of pet companions.

What we have to give is the prayer that these animals shall not end up behind the cold shelter bars.

More pets are under the roof than ever before, and what else, is another heap of lives at the dump.

As the foolproof prevention to all problems is to root out its cause, what can be done, then, to put an end to this tragedy? Well, don’t take them home, so that there wouldn’t be any to dump.

And so we must remember, animals are NOT goods. “Today people tend to ‘consume’ pets just like they consume goods”, James says.

When impulsive consumption habits are applied to pets, they are much likely to be abandoned. As the decision to adopt one was just merely out of a sudden desire, when the interest fades, so does the animal. A classic example of following the trend is of ‘Sanggeun’, a Great Pyrenees dog that starred in a Korean TV show and instantly became the country’s ‘trendy dog’. However, since the massive European dog was not at all fit to be raised in Korea, soon a large number was returned and put down.

Again, these lives are NOT your fashion. Sure they’re cute, but that doesn’t mean they can be your cute little accessories. So if you were thinking you’d like one just like the adorable kind you saw on TV, the one your favorite star has, or the cutie in a pet shop display, stop.

Stop your temptation, and do bear in mind that those lives are not your fashion items that come and go.

Even if you feel you’re good with that, and that you are nice and ready to afford to have one,

I’d tell you, not so soon.

What stops you yet again is the responsibility, and you probably must have heard it a good number of times but the thing is, it’s not that easy. Going “Awww” is not enough, and never will be.

You mustn’t underestimate the time it takes to look after a living being. If your pet must be alone during your long long work hours, I must say, you really aren’t the right fit. Even the very basics as simple as going out for walks, will take up your time on a daily basis. What more, is that your animal companions will have to be very needy, with their paws.


Setting aside the devotions, another to talk about is the costs. Over a dog’s lifetime, the total bills range between $27,074 to $42,545, according to PDSA, even excluding possible costly journeys to the vet. And that right there, equals a brand new car.

What done without much responsibility can easily be undone.

But of course, one may argue: “What if I had no choice but to part with my pet? Am I to blame?”

But of course, one may argue: “What if I had no choice but to part with my pet? Am I to blame?”

“What if I suddenly became sick and unable to even look after myself? What if we have a newborn baby in the house, all fragile? A dog can’t be trusted around here. What if I had to move, but the landlord there wouldn’t allow me pets?”

All that, I’d say, are no more than lame excuses. You could find a replacer until you’re well. Dogs will not eat babies. And aren’t you supposed to find a home for your family?

And so I plead with you,

that you shall not be tempted.

That you shall not bring them home.

And that you don’t dump them.


Please, please don’t.


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