Cricket Is Religion. ISKL Needs A Shrine

By Nishan Mahesh

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 2.12.47 PMWe all know it’s the second most popular sport in the world, played and appreciated by more than one-third of the world’s population. Yet it still happens to be disregarded and mocked in the most bizarre venue ever: An International School, a family for freedom, of our speech, and of our opinions.

Who would have thought so?

Alas ladies and gentlemen, this is irony. A game, a battle for freedom against the ignorant opinions of our very own students. A battle to incorporate cricket, our beloved sport, only for our school’s proud sporting achievements. Lovers in lust for our only desire: A varsity ISKL cricket team. To protect our school’s values and beliefs, to fight against ignorance, and to

I watched with teary eyes, as we, a group of ISKL sophomore students, yearning for this, petitioned with our Sports Department for our team, for our ISKL population.

“Maybe, there is a slight chance…” responded the athletics director.

Uncertainty was the true answer.

I don’t write to threaten or unleash the hidden anger in me. I gently persuade. Gently persuade for the freedom to play what we want, what we like. We inevitably need this cricket team. This means joy, this means freedom, an ongoing spirit that we need to protect!

“Be All You Are,”  is what we boldly proclaim here. We have all the opportunities in the world to pursue in our interests, and us, as a school, we need to protect this value, nurture this value, and support this value of ours. How? By implementing this cricket team.Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 2.12.53 PM
ISKL is a school that values and prides itself on the opportunities it provides students. We, as a school, need to maintain this strong spirit. We need to urge ourselves to protect this value, boast this value, hail this value! Many might not realize it, a fresh, new varsity cricket team could be the option. This is the spirit by which we are unique from all the rest, the spirit which makes us different from all the rest, this strong spirit that makes us who we are! And the first step to success, is this varsity cricket team. This is not a matter of cricket, but rather mostly a matter of our school spirit and values.

The very peaceful institution, is in reality, the battlefield of ignorance. Our own students ignore us. As we fight, persuade, argue for our cause, defending our values, the same answer is heaped onto us. ‘No one cares.’ Subtle, yet insulting. People do not necessarily realize the hidden importance, deeply hidden behind the curtains of a desire. Yet some still blindly argue of the relevance and need for cricket. These are the ignorant ones with inchorence; we all realize it. And surprisingly, these are the ones not fit to play cricket!

“Talent will only go so far. On a given day, hard work always beats talent. This is the greatness of cricket.” said cricketing legend Ian McDonald admirably. The thrill, the advantages, the stimulating game that will vastly improve us students’ minds. You need that good IB predicted score? You need wittiness and fun matched together? Yes, you already know the answer!

The Australian Government described this beauty as, “The perfect combination of great mental skill, social skill, leadership, determination and physical state; this is the complete package of this prosperous school’s sporting endeavours.”

When a government says it, so should a school right?

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 2.12.59 PMBaseball only reaches out to America and some Asian regions. However, cricket, is the second most played sport in the world. More than one-third of the world thoroughly engages in it, and when this is a fact, there is no way a glorious school like ours cannot include it.  This is our glorious sport, the sport loved by all!

It is too obvious and simple, isn’t it?

“We love it. We all want to play it. But we don’t get to.”

Manas Singh, a passionate fighter for cricket, still waits for the day cricket will become an integral part of ISKL society. And only we, a community held together, fighting for one another, supporting each other, can implement this. A call for action, a call for unity, a call for cricket.


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