AI Will Always ‘Follow’

Artificial intelligence concept cartoons

“Optical character recognition. Handwriting recognition. Speech recognition.”[source 2] Wouldn’t you like to experience those outstanding functions?

AI is useful to humans, and it will make our lives more convenient. AI’s fundamental function is to look through voluminous data that they receive, make logical inferences of the situation they observe, and come up with some strategies and actions. For example, if AI is placed in a hospital, AI can detect notable behaviors even before humans and come up with a suitable medical treatment that they can find.

According to Dr. David Hanson, the CEO of Hanson Robotics, “One day, humans and robots will be indistinguishable and they will be in our lives at the place of our friends.”[source 4] He thinks that humans and robots can cooperate, live in the same world. And when the day that Dr. David mentioned comes, the world will safer, faster, and united. When we can use AI when writing a research paper, we could input keywords about the topic rather than browsing through books. This will be save our time and we can get more diverse and reliable sources(i.e. at the same time.

Interestingly, AI’s process of creating something is identical to humans. We observe things, spot the pattern and understand it.

Why do we draw the sky as blue? Why do we color summer’s leaves in green but orange and red during fall? We don’t know the answer, but we still do it because that is what we’ve known from our experiences.

AI is the same. When ‘humans’ ask them to draw a landscape, they look at an infinite amount of pictures/photos/drawings of landscape and find common features such as trees. Then, they come up with their ‘own’ drawing based on those features.

The only difference is that we question. When we hear the word ‘landscape’, we question things like ‘which season?’ ‘Which country?’ ‘City or countryside?’ And the answer normally comes from what we’ve seen, heard, and learned: our memories. Nevertheless, our memories are more diverse than just searching the term ‘landscape’ on Google and wider because everyone has different ideas although they are looking at the same place at the same time due to their past backgrounds. On the other hand, since AI observes all the data, it can’t have specific and special thoughts. They lack uniqueness.

People worry about their jobs being stolen by AI. Experts predict that over the next 20 years, 35% of UK jobs will be lost, and people will get fired due to AIs taking over the jobs. However, It might seem questionable to change at first, but as the transition settles down, we will receive shocking opportunities we haven’t experienced or ever thought about before.

Thanks to the AIs, we won’t feel bored doing repetitive labor anymore. We can use that time and energy to improve ourselves. And this will be the basis of creating new, fulfilling, and interesting jobs which will replace the jobs that were taken by AIs. An example of an industry that was created and developed due to machines and factories was the car industry. Cars wouldn’t have been invented if there weren’t any machines in the beginning. The car industry created numerous jobs such as manufacturing sub assemblies for the car.

In the end, the problems will be removed, and we will end up with positive outcomes. For example, the optical character recognition will able AI to understand text on paper and change it into digital version. In this case, we will be able to send and edit that text easier than it is on the paper?


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