The New Honour Society in Town

Whatever your creative strengths are, whether they lie in academics, music, or drama, ISKL has had a chapter of a national society for it. A place that commends you for your outstanding abilities and demonstrates your competence in that area to universities. But, if your strength lies in the visual arts, whether that be photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, or graphic design, you were out of luck. Until this school year; sure, there’s been an art club – but the purpose of a society is to hold students to a high standard, to provide outreach and awareness about their benefit to the school community. This is something which a club can’t provide in the same way. That is why it was so important that a chapter the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) be opened at ISKL, however overdue it may be.

After attending IASAS Cultural Convention in Manila this past March, high school art teacher Ms. Tilton, myself and the four other visual arts delegates all noticed that the appreciation of visual art within our school community at times left much to be desired. This sparked a conversation about how we could change this back at school, and to encourage people to take pride in their creative endeavours while raising the profile of the visual arts within the community. This is how we came across a society that other IASAS schools, as well as hundreds of other schools around the world offer: the National Arts Honor Society (or NAHS for short).

It is, in fact, a real thing and shouldn’t be taken lighter than any other honor society previously available at school. This is a society that you should apply to join if you love the visual arts and if it is where your talents lie even if you think that you’re not good enough — odds are you are.

The other two executive members of the society Elena ‘19 and Iselin’19 say that although the paperwork and the extra hours of commitment that  had to do be done in order to open a chapter isn’t the most glamorous part of it all, the fact that there is now somewhere for people interested in the visual arts to be recognized is worth the effort. To be a member you need to have done or are doing at least one semester of art in high school with a minimum grade of B attained in the class and submit a ‘mini-portfolio’ of 2-3 pages showing process and thinking. Members are registered directly with the National Art Honor Society organization and graduate with multicoloured chords to mark their involvement with an honor society. To remain in the society, members must participate in three or more NAHS organized events per semester. They get access to opportunities they would have otherwise not been aware of such as getting to decorate classrooms, participate in and lead exclusive workshops, to name just a few. You probably know about the ‘Elements Arts Festival’ that took place this past weekend, right? For the visual arts aspect of it, some members of the NAHS worked together with Ms. Tilton to lead some workshops such as the watercolour workshop and the digital art workshop, while others arranged for a guest artist to lead a conceptual photography workshop.

As a member, you could also be considered for arts scholarships through the organization based out of the United States. In all its advantageousness, it’s a wonder that this society hadn’t been brought to school sooner. However, now that it’s here to stay, there is no reason for you not to become involved.