A Team with Potential- Football Exchange 2018

“Hardworking” was the word of ISKL’s Varsity Boys Football captain Dheer R., as he described the team for the upcoming exchange. The exchange is a small tournament designed by the IASAS schools to face off against each other before the grand IASAS Tournament. This year’s exchange was held on our new campus. The event kicked off on Friday, 14th of September 2018 at 2:20 p.m. and ran through until Saturday, 15th of September 2018 at 6 p.m. The tournament hosted 4 teams: SAS ( Singapore American School), JIS ( Jakarta International School), and a local sports academy KLYS (Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer).


Before the tournament took place, I caught up with the captain of the varsity boys Dheer for further insight into the team and the process that leads up to the exchange tournament. The interview started out with the captain’s roles on the team. Dheer commented how as a captain it was important that there was good communication between him and his teammates and that he becomes a role model for them to learn from. Dheer is “responsible for the team’s attitude and work ethic on and off the field” and he needs to “make sure that the team is doing their best to succeed throughout the season.”


Along with these responsibilities, Dheer and his team hope to “win the IASAS tournament” and that “it’s the reason the team was put together and it’s what the months of preparation are for.” Winning the tournament is the dream for all IASAS athletes and some previous experience definitely helps. When asked about how long he has played soccer at ISKL and what he takes away with the experience, Dheer says that he has “been on the JV team for one year (sophomore year)” and has “managed to reach the varsity level two times (junior year and senior year). This year is Dheer’s first year as a captain and he seems like he is up for the challenge; willing to push the team to a different height.


In order to perform at the exchange, the team needs to be ready to face whatever comes their way. When asked what the team’s preparation was in order to be ready for exchange, Dheer responded that “the team needed to work hard in practice with all the drills including the fitness and to make sure that they aren’t slipping any of the practices. The team needs to be ready to face players that could be fitter and technically better than them but with an extensive effort being put in,  ISKL should be the champions of Exchange.” It seems as if every athlete wants to see a gold IASAS medal hanging from their necks, but are they up to the task and will they succeed in finding the gold?


Next up I met up with the head coach of the team: Coach Hutterd. We discussed his point of view from the outside of the pitch was and how he views the team for the upcoming season. When asked about the exchange and what the true purpose of the tournament was, Coach Hutterd explained that “Exchange was a friendly tournament hosted by IASAS participant schools as a warm up to the IASAS tournament on October 18th to October 20th.” 


I started out by asking about the team’s strengths and possible improvement in conjunction with the upcoming exchange?. Coach Hutterd talked about the team’s strengths coming from “hard work on the pitch, the indoor fitness training, pool day training, but most importantly they have become a team of friends and not complete strangers trying to kick a ball around.” 


Now that I was aware of what the team had and what the team needed, I asked Coach Hutterd what his role as Coach was like: “As Coach it’s all about being able to motivate the team off the field and improve the skills of the team as a whole make sure they’re ready for games, whether it be a passing drill or a fitness run, it’s preparation for the team to perform at their peak” He has been including more training sessions for the team to not lose their fitness and trying to motivate the team to give it all out on the pitch. 


I asked Coach Hutterd what the players should be doing outside of the field to prepare for the games. Coach Hutterd expressed that “diet was important for the players to stack up on carbohydrates for the energy that will be used during the games.” He talked about the maintenance of the fitness for the players by “going on runs and hitting the gym on off training days, and finally, they need to make sure they get their mind set on winning games so that they go in with full motivation to put up a good performance.” When asked if our team could win at IASAS, Coach replied: “With determination and hard work anything is possible”


In conclusion, the team’s result was 1 loss, 1 draw, and a 1 win and although the team didn’t perform the way they hoped, it was a wake-up call. The team realizes that they need to focus on the preparation and the process with great intensity leading up to IASAS, meaning that they need to work hard in practice to show that they are really a team with a great potential to take the IASAS gold home.