Ciao Cheng

img_5776.jpgFrom the math classrooms to the lower field, the court, and the counseling rooms, Mr.Cheng has been everywhere on campus. Difficult goodbyes come along at the end of the year. Goodbyes to amazing, and inspiring faculty that has given this school character. This year ISKL says goodbye to Mr. Cheng, a counselor that has managed to become an integral part of the community.

Mr.Cheng has been a part of this community for 13 years, and put his own kids through all three divisions: Conor and Ciara. He has coached 13 years of volleyball, 10 years of touch, taught high school math for 10 years and been a counselor for 2. While his ISKL resume is strong and impressive to any onlooker, it’s not what has made Mr.Cheng so beloved here at ISKL. No doubt when you see Mr. Cheng walking through the decks smiling and checking in with students it becomes evident why he is so important to the students at ISKL.

Susanna ‘18 an athlete who has worked with Mr.Cheng her whole high school said: “Not only has Cheng been an amazing coach over the past 4 years, but more importantly he’s also been an awesome mentor and life coach to me and I feel like the rest of the school.” While Mr.Cheng was a math teacher for most of his time here at ISKL, his switch to counseling was a change that was greatly appreciated by the high school, this clearly expressed by Taylor ‘18 “Mr. Cheng has been essential in just keeping me sane these past two years. I’ve spent more time in his office than I would like to admit, but every time I came out, I had a better more positive grip on everything around me. I can’t thank him enough, because he is genuinely one of the reasons I made it.”  

When asked to reflect on some of his favourite memories here at ISKL, Mr.Cheng spoke about the joy he had coaching and winning a gold medal for volleyball, watching Conor win IASAS rugby at home, seeing Ciara’s countless performances in the Robert B. Gaw theatre, and finally coaching and working with kids; he watched them give practices their all and really push themselves at IASAS. “I’ll definitely miss the kids here, they have always been amazing at ISKL, excellent, well-rounded kids… I have loved working with them, one of the reasons I became a counselor is when I taught math, it was always about the connections with the kids that drove the class, you know, and now being a counselor I could just focus on helping kids.” 

Mr.Cheng ended with “ I am gonna miss this campus, I have experienced so much here and when we move to the new school I hope this feeling stays, I always felt a culture of togetherness, with the teachers and students, and I really hope that identity can move into the new school. It’s just been so fantastic for my kids, given so much to my family, so I hope they can keep that for other people”

But looking to the future Mr. Cheng says “We always wanted to finish in Europe, closer to my family and Margaret’s, meeting new friends and old friends. It’s time…”

While ISKL is a great school with great teachers; teachers and counselors like Mr. Cheng are rare. He gives all of his heart to kids when he coaches, he gives all of his heart to the students he has counseled and his heart to those he befriends. He has given his heart to ISKL, we will all miss you next year Mr.Cheng!