Goodman gets a Goodbye

img_5783At the end of this semester, a central member of the science department will be saying goodbye as he transitions to Taipei for the upcoming school year. This teacher has been at ISKL for five years, teaching a variety of courses including IB chemistry at both the standard and higher level as well as Integrated Science 2. He is well known for his British accent and enthusiasm for the subjects he teaches. In case you still haven’t figured it out by now, this person is indeed none other than Mr. Goodman.

When reflecting upon his time at this school, Mr. Goodman seemed to appreciate what he found to be a relaxed and happy atmosphere in each of his classes. His students have been consistently engaged and he will miss their positive approach to learning. In addition to students, Mr. Goodman also found the staff to be supportive colleagues, many he claims have eventually become his friends.

Mr. Goodman’s role as a chemistry teacher often entails experimentation with a range of different chemicals and the reactions they produce, especially those that come with a ‘bang.’ Anyone who has taken his classes will recall the range of exciting experiments that integrated content learned from textbooks and powerpoints with hands-on understanding. His fondest memories teaching at ISKL involve fiery, explosive demonstrations such as the “chip-pan fire” or thermite reactions between aluminum and iron oxide. Mr. Goodman especially enjoyed witnessing the shock and awe on the faces of each student as they watched these impressive explosions in the classroom setting.  

Another joy for Mr. Goodman is witnessing his students reach moments of clarity due to understanding the concept he is teaching. He refers to this moment as “the look on a student’s face when the penny drops”. This reaction gives him the reassurance that he is getting through to his students and enhancing their knowledge of the sciences.

Overall, Mr. Goodman has one very simple message he wants to leave his current and former students: chemistry is fun!

The ISKL community will miss him next year, however, his positive impact on the students he has taught will continue as they carry his classic motto, “keep smiling.”