Arigatō Ms Lasenby

hannah.jpgDepartures are common for us who live in an international environment. Teachers and students come and go all the time, and it is hard to get attached knowing we must say goodbye. Often leaving can be associated with adjectives like ‘difficult’ or ‘sad’, but one teacher that has totally reversed this negative stigma is Ms. Lasenby.

In June, Ms. Lasenby will be moving from ISKL to Kobe, in Japan to teach at an international school as a middle school and high school PE teacher. She is extremely excited and can’t wait to start her new job. In an interview, she said, “I’m so thankful for all of the things I have been able to experience so many new forms of teaching and learning at ISKL, and I can’t wait to apply them at my new school”. Ms Lasenby coached junior varsity volleyball and tennis, both two very successful teams. Although she won’t be coaching as soon as she gets to Japan, she cannot wait to gain a new coaching role once she settles into her new school.

Living in the international circuit is not familiar to Ms. Lasenby, with ISKL being her first international school out of New Zealand and Britain. Ms. Lasenby spent her entire childhood in Auckland and wanted to explore the world after her first teaching job there. “Being in New Zealand you are quite far from other international schools, and I always wanted to teach at an international school”, and now, she is capitalizing on her opportunities. “I don’t plan on moving back to New Zealand anytime soon”, she says, “I love all of the traveling and new people I can see all the time”.

A significant part of the PE department will be missing at the end of this year, but she definitely won’t be forgotten. The iconic Ms. Lasenby thrives in any environment she’s put in, and will definitely thrive in Japan.