Ubl’s Last Print

ublThe end of the year, while exhilarating and positive comes with a series of goodbyes. Despite our familiarity with saying our farewells, it is never easy. This year we say goodbye to an ISKL veteran, who has touched our lives for 14 years. He has spent his time here spreading words of wisdom and lightning moods with his regular jokes.

Paul Ubl has been teaching Photography and overlooking the creation of the yearbook, ensuring that the students at ISKL get to explore their artistic endeavors. He will now be moving to Idaho to his summer house, where he will be constructing guitars. When asked what he was most looking forward to, he responded excitedly. “I’m going to build guitars, have a beautiful garden, and experiment with geothermal greenhouses… We are going to make a high-end tree house outside, which has a beautiful view of the river, so that’s the plan of action”.

However, as this year comes to a close, Mr. Ubl isn’t sitting idly by, he is working rigorously along with many others towards the completion of the new campus which is set to open this August for the 2018-19 school year. It’s interesting to think that Mr. Ubl started working at ISKL when the seniors ’18 were merely 4 years old. Throughout this time, ISKL has undoubtedly gone through changes, for example, the current senior deck being added in, and multiple renovations to our turf field. When asked what aspects of ISKL had been modified throughout the years, He replied with a very “Mr. Ubl” type of answer. “When ISKL moved to the Ampang campus, we maintained the same spirit and attitude that the original ISKL community possessed. Given the new campus will have a Kindergarten through 12th-grade community now, we will have to wait and see. Great facilities are meaningless without the spirit of the institution.”

Mr. Ubl’s departure will be one that will leave a big hole in our community because of his close relationship with The stories of his past will be greatly missed, and on behalf of ISKL we want to thank you for all you’ve done, and we wish you the best in your future.