See ya’ around Ms. Laws!!

Goodbyes are always tough, especially when they are to a person who has had a significant influence on your life. Ms.Laws and her family came to ISKL in 2013 when she joined the LRC department in high school. Along with Joseph Tremarco and Susan Renaud she formed the ISKL version of the Big 3!

When asked about what Ms.Laws brought to the table Ms.Renaud had this to say “Heidi was a blast to work with because of her positive attitude and high energy. Both of these were reflected in her funky wardrobe that never seemed to have a repeat, always had matching shoes, but that also brightened up the Loft despite the no external windows.”

As a student of the absolutely exuberant and always enthusiastic Ms.Laws, she put everyone at ease and made dealing with the daily ups and downs of high school a lot less stressful. I remember coming into high school with high expectations of myself and a little apprehensive about the school work. Ms.Laws told me from day one that it would not be easy to achieve these tasks without hard work, focus and commitment. As an incoming freshman that should have terrified me even more of what was to come, but Ms. Laws ended her statement by saying she would be behind me a 100% of the way, during the good times and bad times of trying to achieve these goals. She has stood solidly by that statement of hers for me and for many others.

Even when she was no longer my teacher Ms.Laws became a person who I would approach and ask for advice, whether that was on sports, friends or even as important as helping me pick the right university. However, teaching and inspiring LRC kids is not all that Ms.Laws has done for ISKL. She is the reason why ISKL’s student body has a solid Student Council leading it and and organizing events like Spirit Week, Panther cup or Springfest and of course Prom!

 Whether it’s helping the team with themes or venue choices and sorting through all their little squabbles, she has made Prom a memorable one by pushing and pulling, and sometimes cajoling, the Prom committees for the last few years.

Ms.Laws is what many of us refer to as the ultimate “Lad.” For those of us who have had the chance to work with Ms.Laws she was, is and will always be our  Yoda, Mr.Miyagi, Ms.Honey or Professor Dumbledore. Ms.Laws exemplifies all the traits of a great teacher– a patient listener, a great communicator, a fair person and most importantly, funny and kind. Ms.Laws and her family are the epitome of an ISKL family which is engaged, caring and always welcoming. I know when I am freezing in Canada at University the one thing that will warm me up, will be the great memories I have shared of working and having her as my teacher here at ISKL. The school is losing a heavy hitter who knew what it truly meant to be a Panther and bleed blue and yellow. I wish her and her wonderful family nothing but success in Kenya!

See ya’ around Ms. Laws!!