The Silver Medal that was Decades in the Making

TRACKMuscles taut from overuse and bodies aching with exhaustion. Pushed to perform at their peak for various events every day, the girls track team returns worn out but proud of their achievements over the past weekend. Months of dedication and concentration in their respective events culminated in a successful tournament that acknowledged the drive of 15 excellent athletes. For the first time in ISKL history, the girl’s track team came home decorated in silver medals for their overall performance. Competing against highly competitive competitors, they managed to come together as a team by individually contributing to the point system that ranked the schools.

This year’s track IASAS was particularly meaningful for several seniors who, for the last time, represented ISKL. Susanna ‘18 captain of the Varsity Girls track team nostalgically commented ‘As a finale for my ISKL sports, I couldn’t have asked for a better season or IASAS. That being said, it was so sad to accept that it’s all over now. No matter how painful or nerve-wrecking each race is, I would do anything to go back in time to do it all again.’ Taylor ‘18, had a relatively different perspective on her final IASAS. ‘I have so many IASAS memories from over the years but in the end I just looked around and it felt like there was a new group of kids all younger than me ready to take on the next three seasons of sports. My time was over. It sounds a little dramatic, but you look around after four years of playing for your school’s varsity teams and then it just feels like it’s over. I’m going to miss it of course, but it really did feel like it was meant to be my last IASAS and my last time competing on a team for ISKL.’

The nature of track and field made it a very stressful yet completely rewarding sport for the girls involved. Zayley ‘19 emphasized the fact that it was ‘both mentally and physically draining. We had so many events each day, so if you didn’t do too well in your first event you really had to dig deep and prepare to do the best in the next event.’ In addition to having to stay positive and determined, there was an undeniable pressure faced by the girls. ‘The nerves were insane, but after each event, I had so much adrenaline you forget what you felt like at the beginning of the race.’ Susanna commented on her pre-race anxiety: ‘I am one of those people who get super nervous before every single race; the nerves actually take over my entire body. However, being part of such a great team and family makes it all worth it.’

Despite the pressure and the competition, there was a sense of family and community that permeated this IASAS. Zayley summed this up in stating ‘The team was so supportive, I don’t think we could’ve had anyone better on the team. Everyone was cheering and no one was at their event alone.’ In regards to the seniors, they will now be supporting from afar. As expressed by Susanna, ‘It’s going to feel so weird next year watching IASAS on the livestream instead of actually being there, but I know that the team will continue doing great things, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the coming years!’