Naughton’s IASAS Debut

It is safe to say that this year’s IASAS Badminton was an action-packed and enjoyable one. The boys fought hard throughout the tournament and ended their weekend at a respectable 4th place; the girls tried their best giving each game their all, and coming 6th. However, what we do take for granted sometimes, is the work done behind the scenes by our Athletics Directors and their team. Mr. Naughton, the current ISKL Athletics Director, spoke to us about his first experience hosting and organizing an IASAS Tournament.

Preparations for the tournament started early. “Mr. Allum and I started in September ordering T-shirts, getting the logos and looking at the scheduling,” stated Mr. Naughton. Though hosting IASAS can seem an intimidating event to take on, Mr. Naughton was no stranger to hosting events of such magnitudes. “As an Athletic Director at a previous school, we hosted tournaments of this size before.” However, one thing did surprise him “IASAS tournaments are different because of the number of parents that travel – it is great to see! all students should encourage their parents to travel to their events.”

As  IASAS approached, Mr. Naughton admitted that nerves were present. In fact, a mishap occurred on the first day of IASAS. “Of Course, before any event, you have those jitters and inevitably there are things that get overlooked or mistakes that were made. For the first matches of the tournament, we had the wrong sheets because the spreadsheets we used didn’t line up perfectly. Luckily, no one noticed because it was a small detail and we were ready and organized to deal with it.”

Mr. Naughton couldn’t have done this alone. Other members of the athletics department, such as Mr. Allum and Vincent Werner, “did an excellent job.” On the courts, “The site directors, Mr. Gopal and Mr. De Silva ran the tournament like the professionals they are.” For media, “Mr. Ubl and the Yearbook team provided the schools with amazing pictures.” and “Ms. Hutterd and the IT Department did an amazing job with the live stream.” Additionally, from Jey the physical trainer, the Booster Parents, to student volunteers, maintenance department, and of course, the coaches and players, “It truly was a team effort and it was fun to be a part of it.”

Now that Mr. Naughton has his first IASAS in the bag, he is looking forward to hosting Volleyball, Cross Country, and Rugby next year. Overall, he deems IASAS Badminton “a great success.”

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