IASAS BADMINTON 2018: Ampang Campus this weekend

Tomorrow, ISKL will start hosting the Boys and Girls IASAS Badminton Tournament. The tournament, which starts on April 12th and ends on the 14th, is surely going to be a great spectacle. Players, who have been training since the second week of February, will finally get to showcase all the hard work they have put throughout this season, especially our ISKL Badminton teams. Boys captain Varun ‘18 and girls captain Joanne ‘18 both had a lot to say for the upcoming tournament.

Playing on home court is not always easy. “We feel a bit pressured since we are hosting which makes some of us quite nervous, but we are most excited because the cheers from our home crowd will definitely help boost our mentality and we can’t wait for the hyped atmosphere.” said Joanne 18’ when asked about getting to play on home soil. The teams have also had rigorous training schedules to prepare for IASAS.  “We train 4 times a week, twice in the morning and some continued to play during the weekend. I think we have prepared ourselves for our next biggest challenge” stated Varun ’18. The girls have also made sure to make the most of their breaks to get as much training done as possible. “Aside from fitness, we got A LOT of in court trainings. We even came into practices on spring break!”

If you are having second thoughts about watching IASAS Badminton this week because the rules are a bit complex or the game is ‘kind of boring,’ Joanne 18’ and Varun 18’ would like to assure you that badminton is the complete opposite. “ Badminton is a really fun game to watch. It’s quick and unpredictable.” Varun 18’, who is now on his second badminton IASAS, is no stranger to the atmosphere that comes with an eventful and tense badminton game. They are quick and the sport is quite easy to understand. There is a lot of hype on and off the court and that everyone is here to play their best. We will do our best to put on a good show.”

ISKL Boy’s Badminton play their first match at 9:15 against TAS and the girls will be playing their first match at 10:30 against JIS. Make sure to catch some action-packed and intense badminton this week. The schedule for all games can be accessed by using the link below.