You cant save the world alone

Written by Rohit Rao

I remember when I dreamed of wearing underwear outside my pants, and soaring through the clouds.

Well that dream came to life for many young people in the form of comic book movies. They have become the foundation for Hollywood. The genre of comic book movies has given us a broader view of how we see the world, with the political messages and symbolism layered with each DC movie. The 3 superhero movies that have the most meaning in the 21st century are Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League.

However, a number of people in this school who think superheroes are useless and do nothing for the world, but they inspire hope and stand for truth and justice.

The world misunderstood Batman v Superman. People called it boring and had meaningless action sequences. But, in reality it is the most influential superhero movie.

Batman v Superman has the most powerful political message about corruption. Wonder Woman proves to Hollywood that women can direct gripping action films. And Justice League restores faith in mankind and humanity.

In the film, Bruce Wayne sees the amount of collateral damage caused by Superman’s fight to save the world. Batman watches his skyscraper collapse as Superman flee’s. The political message “men with power obey neither policy nor principal” includes people with money, the government, and, Superman. Superman had the choice to save his wife, or save civilians. He chose his wife and didn’t follow the policy of saving civilians.

The senator of Metropolis stated that “absolute power, corrupts absolutely.” Governments have the power to do whatever they want to their country and can cover it up easily. The wealthy are always getting into scandals and use their money to get out of troubles. Superhero movies can have a more meaningful message than good is better than bad, it relates to events happening in society.

In society, there has been a rise of women empowerment. Comic book movies identified this.  Wonder Woman became the highest grossing female directed movie, and became the highest grossing superhero origin movie. It entered the all time best selling Blu ray list. It scored the highest film premiere on HBO in two years. Wonder Woman proved to Hollywood that women can provide inspiration that men can not.

Justice League shows that people with power, instead of being corrupt, should unite together because you can’t save the world alone. Set after the events of Superman’s death, the world mourns Superman and the chaos that follows. However, he returns. Superman’s return alludes to Jesus dying and coming back. His death represents lost hope that always returns. The tagline for Justice League, “Hope Never Dies,” sends an inspirational message to everyone who lost all hope.

Comic book movies bring hope, to those little kids who dream about wearing underwear outside their pants. Not only hope, but equality, justice and the most important message of all, you can’t save the world alone.

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  1. Anqi

    Really like your topic, but I think it’s better to extend your opinion further on how they are influential to people in a good way, and also I don’t think your title match your article, what do you mean by you can’t save the world along, needs more explanation.

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