MAY the Spirit of IASAS be With You

At each IASAS event, there is an award unlike any other given out. It does not limit itself to acknowledge only athleticism and skill or competitiveness, instead, it celebrates someone who demonstrates sportsmanship, love, friendship and the general spirit, on and off the court. This award last season for basketball in ISB was given to our very own beloved PTA super mom: Mrs. May.

Mrs.May was at IASAS basketball supporting her daughter Hannah, a four-year IASAS player. She wore a lively blue wig which she purchased last summer in preparation for the year’s IASAS. Her overwhelming joy and friendliness garnered respect and admiration from the following schools.

In response to winning the award, Mrs. May humbly remarked  I’m not sure I demonstrated anything ‘outstanding’, it might be more that I was ‘standing out’?! If I reflect on the definition, what comes to mind is ‘my blue wig’ ….it was worn with Panther Pride for our ISKL basketball teams. I wore it from the time I left my room in the morning until I went to bed. Whether I was cheering from the bleachers, meeting people in the halls of ISB, exploring the streets of Chaengwattana near to the hotel or enjoying dinner out, I wore my blue Panther wig. I’d like to think that that crazy, blue wig brought a little joy to everyone I came in contact with.  A smile for their day… But mostly, I was proud to share our ‘blue pride’ for our ISKL Panthers wearing my wig alongside all the other moms and dads who donned their crazy wigs as we cheered our kids on from the stands. I just think I was the only crazy one to wear it beyond the walls of ISB!”

It was clear, after hearing stories of her remarkable spirit and enthusiasm that, she really did embody the spirit that we as a school should all be striving to achieve when we attend an IASAS convention. IASAS is more than just the way you represent yourself in a game or on the stage, it’s how you represent your school throughout the weekend.

The spirit of IASAS is the special sauce that makes IASAS special when asked why its important Mrs.May. “I would expect that our athletes have been coached to be team players, good sports, and to work hard.I think the Spirit of IASAS award is a nice reminder to everyone, that IASAS is not just about what happens going for ‘gold’. It’s everything else. Long after trophies and medals are placed on a shelf and accolades are handed out at awards nights, I think the ‘spirit’ of IASAS is remembering everything else that happens when you’re not playing…it is the friendships forged, the reconnecting with students from previous years, the experience of traveling to another country, another school, the bonding with your teammates and coaches, your housers, being surrounded by the support of your fans, having fun, sharing your pride for your school with everyone around you, maybe even being a little silly and wearing a blue wig to say, ‘I’m proud to be a Panther, I’m proud of our kids, I’m proud of our coaches and our school’. It is nice there is an award to recognize individuals who go that extra mile to make IASAS a positive and memorable weekend for everyone. While I may be the only one with an award in hand, our entire ISKL cheering section should have their names right alongside mine. We were a bunch of loud and proud, yellow and blue Panther fans, cheering wildly from the stands!! We brought IASAS Spirit and shared our Panther Pride!”

Words that should be used as inspiration for athletes and supporters. And so, with news of this award MAY the spirit be with you.