Chinese Family Planning

By Siji Chen

In the early 1980s, U.S. President Carter criticized human rights abuses that happened place in China’s family planning. The Chinese leader replied casually, “Do you want me to send you 20 million Chinese every year as a gift? I surely can do that.” That shocked President Carter. Family planning supporters say the joke reveals the United States’ fear of overpopulation. However, this problem is particularly serious in China.

From the survey in 2016, the population in US is over 323 million. We all know that US nearly has the same territorial area as China, but China has a extremely huge population: 1, 138 billion, almost four times larger than US. To overcome the overpopulated phenomenon, Chinese government used to created a special and unique policy in the early 21st century, to limit the population in China, but because of people’s protest, that policy had to stop. Nowadays, when we are facing the same problem and even more seriously, Chinese government should bring the policy back.

Today in China, everybody desires a peaceful and quiet place to live in. In ancient China, when some people can’t bear the crowds in the city or town anymore,they move to the forests or deep mountains, and enjoy their own time, sometimes write a poem, sometimes go fishing. Those were called hermits who try to avoid the disturbance of the world. For now, when we are facing this situation, we all wish to become a hermit like our ancients used to be, but, when you go to those so- called deep mountains, you’ll find more crowds, not solitude.Otherwise, when we go to Disney park, we can see people queue for more than 2 hours to enjoy a two minute ride, that’s awful. Peace and quietness are gone, what has remained is the crowds, more disturbances, bigger population density.

Brain- drain is another problem contributed by overpopulation. In the early years before the family planning was adopted, many talented people realised the fierce job competition caused by the overpopulation, made it tougher to get a stable job and earn a good salary. Then they just chose to go abroad permanently because in other countries, they have more opportunities. Huge population but people are not well- educated, education sources are inadequate for all the kids. Those directly cause the lack in talents, which are very important for a country, to improve the per capita manner, a strong country need well- educated citizens.

In the term of development, more important relatively. An increase in the demand for resources will led by the population expansion. More people consume resources on the same land, after resources depleted, the country won’t develop and will unable to move on. When the development of our country pause, as we know that it plays a significant role in a country’s success, especially for developing countries like China, the shortage of resources will seriously drag us. Although China own quite much resources in the world that seems adequate, but the per capita amount of resources is miserable, and it’s keep decreasing nowadays. Overpopulation is useless, the resources should be used on the development as much as possible, only then our country can advance faster.

All in all, I think family planning must be continued, not only because of the crowds, if there’re only crowds, I think we can bear because we have already gotten used to it. However, the whole backward country caused by overpopulation burden can never be cured unless serious actions taken to control the population.

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  1. Sinbald Cheng

    Good work Siji, interesting perspective on a problem facing China. You have written a well constructed piece presenting your argument with a strong opinion. Well done!

  2. Heidi Palms

    You present a strong argument, Siji. Overpopulation has an impact on many aspects of life and ignoring it is not a wise option. I’d enjoy the opportunity to discuss your ideas further.

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