The Benefits Behind Complaining

By Victoria Foong

Not fair.


Humans complain about how sweaty we get in P.E. to how low our grades are. At times, we stop and think: “Why am I complaining?” The truth is, complaining isn’t unhealthy for us and it’s proven to be essential to our lives.

By complaining, we become aware of the flaws in our lives, and potentially improve ourselves. For example, when someone makes you feel uncomfortable, you complain about it. However, you may have discovered that your emotions or feelings may be more sensitive compared to other. Now you know that there’s an issue, you can solve it. Before you know it, complaining has just made your life a whole lot nicer!

Like we know, parents complain too. They complain about how long we take to get out of bed in the morning to how much time we waste on social media. Complaining about us makes them feel better because it makes them feel powerful, like they’re doing something to ‘improve’ our lifestyle instead of keeping quiet about our unhealthy habits and it also happens to be very beneficial to us!

Once we’ve heard too much of it, we actually start being more productive. We get tired of hearing our parents complain about messy rooms and low grades that we do something about it. The next thing we know, our rooms would be spick and span and we would have transformed into little Einsteins.

You know that amazing moment when you prove someone wrong? The joy of speaking out against something you deem to be wrong, the joy of finding a community who shares your judgement and the joy of having the slightest possibility that like-minded people will find each other to act make changes are among the benefits of complaining.

For example, the IASAS Crush is an event during IASAS where your team will chant your name until you get up and hug someone of the different gender and school. This event has been abolished because a group of people had compared it to hazing. Therefore, that community spoke against it and the next thing you know, the IASAS Crush no longer exists today because of a single person who complained to a group of people who agreed and decided to do something about it.

Unfortunately, complaining too much can be detrimental to our mental health. When we complain about everything, powerlessness and helplessness will eventually get to us because not everything has a solution to it. These negative feelings will plunge into the pits of depression and anxiety.

At the end of the day, complaining must be coupled with proactiveness. Complain all you want, but do something about it….before it does something to you!   


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  1. Li-Kay Teng

    I love the way you constructed your argument about a topic that is not usually written or spoken about. Your piece was so engaging and lots of fun to read, as you had so many scenarios in your piece that I can relate to. Nice job!!!!! 🙂

  2. Sterre Verwoerd

    This is really good!! A very insightful and a different point of view that I haven’t heard about. I really like how you used text to self connections to relate it to your peers.

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