School should start later for better student life!!

By Toshiaki Takahashi

It is about time to make my student life better.

Generally speaking, teenagers suffer from the lack of sleep they get. This can be caused by the heavy academic workload, social media or maybe just plain procrastination. I’ll have to admit – I am also one of the victims of sleep deprivation and this is mostly same with other students. I believe that school should start late so teenagers can maintain a healthy lifestyle and their concentration at school.

As an example of an unhealthy lifestyle, my morning starts around 6 o’clock. This is because of the early bus pickup time, which is at 6:45. I live 3km away from school and it takes 45 minutes bus ride to school. Which I believe it is the best way to use my time instead of sleeping an extra hour. Or maybe instead of talking with my friends on the bus, I should sleep in my bed so I have a better day. And there are studies that have shown that lack of sleep will lead to bad health condition and bad school grades.

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, teenagers should have 9 ~ 9.5 hours of sleep. However, the truth is teenagers only sleep 7 ~ 7.5 hours on average. This is not surprising at all I knew a lot of students don’t get enough sleep. In the opinion of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the main cause of less sleep is the shift in sleep schedule, early high school times, and social and school obligation. The shift in sleep schedule is unable to change. After puberty, the time to be able to sleep becomes 2 hours late. Meaning someone who sleeps around 9 pm, he/she won’t feel sleepy until 11 pm after puberty. This is biologically unpreventable. Other cause such as activities are also cause we can’t remove. So school time is the best and easiest cause that is changeable. I don’t understand why school still starts early and not concerned student health.

On the authority of Sunday Times, an extra hour of sleep will help to maintain high grades in school. This study was shown by having 800 teenagers school starting at 10 am which made their absence drop 8%, truancy dropped 27%. Their English GCSE grades have improved on the year they started to start school late. This shows how a very easy step can make students understanding better.

School should start later to keep the main point of school which is studying, and it is important to keep students healthy as well for better school life. And I have no idea why our school has not changed time with all of these benefits.

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