Population Explosion

By Xuhang Xiao

As many of you might have noticed, the world is getting more and more crowded, in fact, it’s far more than just getting crowded. Ever since 1987, the world population is increasing rapidly in a ratio of about 1.1% per year, which is over 80 million people per year, more than twice of the Canadian population. This phenomenon of exponential population growth is so called Population Explosion.

Soon after the phenomenon had been noticed in 2000s, the risk of environmental and social crises such as resources shortage was indicated. Nonetheless, a great numbers of politicians and scientists including several Nobel laureates, targeted China’s population regulation plan, named “one child policy”, as reducing the population through controlling the amount of children in every family. Criticising the policy using so called “morality” and “legitimacy” , as they soon found out that increase their popularities.

However, the predict came true nowadays.

Among the resources human beings demand for development and living, water resources is considered as one of the major factors of evaluating environmental condition. You might not notice that when you’re drinking, wasting clean water, millions of people in India, in Africa, died of water shortage. China, a specific example, is plagued by a growing water security crisis as it home to 21% of the world’s population with just 7% of its freshwater. Due to the large based population, and the exponsional population growth, eleven out of thirty-one Chinese provinces can’t even provide 1500m3 of water for the civilians in 2014.

Unlike other crises, population explosion has long term effects as it increases the demand for natural resources as well as social resources.

India, a country with the second largest population in the world, however, have the poorest medical care system in the world, as it ranked at 112 out of 190 countries according to the WHO research system. You would never imagine that in India, two children younger than five die every minute. There is one government doctor for every 10,189 people, one hospital bed for every 2,046 people, and one government-run hospital for every 90,343 people. Death? It’s an everyday occurrence.

After all, it’s indeed that Population Explosion is a threat to our society, as it’s destructuring our social stability and worsen the resources shortage, therefore, population regulation is the first priority of our world, as well as ourselves. For those who are trying to obstruct the population regulation, I believe, it’s necessary to remind you that Population Explosion have nothing to do with your judgement but the fate of humanity.

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