One Game, One Community

By Gerald Francis


Open the gyms. Open the fields. Open the courts. Everyone’s welcome staff, parents, students and athletes. We need the students, each day of the week, after school, one sport.

Right now ISKL athletes play one sport for 2-3 months with no way to improve as a team during the off season. On the varsity basketball team, I can see that it’s beneficial to practice during the off season to improve communication and strength to achieve our goal for next season. We should change this to make our teams the best they can be, so that we are prepared for the battle. If we have each sport after school one day per week students could improve their skills and prepare for the season.

Chemistry is important in team sports and playing during the off season would continue to build the chemistry. Athletes learn about players on the teams so when playing in a game they trust their teammates to make the right choices. This helps develop our skills and grow as a team as well.

When practicing during off season, athletes can try a sport they wouldn’t usually play to see if they are interested. It’s entertaining to play with people other than the usual teammates in a less competitive environment. This is an immense opportunity to come together and play with the entire community.

It’s fun playing a variety of sports with friends and teachers. Running around playing any sport. Everyone should come. A safe environment where everyone feels comfortable. Expertise is not required. Create teams and maybe even start a league. Creating new friendships with students staff and parents. This is community bonding since everyone should join and have a blast.


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