Liar Liar Pants On Fire

By Louis Joly been in a situation where you had the choice to either lie or tell the truth, and you choose to lie so that you wouldn’t get in trouble?

This is our society today, with Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein both sexual harassing women. This issue is impacting our future. Our society will eventually be full of lies.  Everyone will feel obligated to lie and honesty will be obliterated, lying will become our way to express our honesty.

Do we really want to live in a world where everyone is fake? Or do we want to live in a world where making mistakes, forgiving and learning is how we grow as a community?

As humans we say that we lie to protect others so that they do not feel offended or hurt. However this is a lie itself. We lie to protect ourselves, we lie to avoid embarrassment, to protect our self image and to avoid being judged. We start to lie because we start not being ourselves anymore, when we lie about something you will continue to lie. It is not going to be easy to stop. In our world we have a lot of celebrities who have been caught lying and not admitting it.

Roy Moore is an american politician who was accused of harassment. The victim talked and confessed that he harassed her and gave reasonable evidence, Roy Moore continued to decline the accusation. Due to his poor decision, it cost him the loss of his election of the senate, it not only cost him the defeat in his elections but it cost him his career.

Harvey Weinstein co-founded and producer of the entertainment company Miramax, was accused by more than 80 women of being sexual abused. Till this day Harvey Weinstein continues to deny any non-consensual sex. The fact that 80 plus people had evidence of being abused and that he still denies it is unbelievable, as soon as his company found out he was dismissed.

Lies are very powerful and with one wrong move it can ruin everything, now they live with this issue on their chest that they can’t get rid of. People don’t like liars, all they want is the truth, if they have the truth they will be furious but in the end they will forgive you.

We should all take that as a learning experience we see what our elders have done incorrectly and move forward, by forgiving and learning from their mistakes. And as we live life we are going to come across a point in our lives where now we are the ones making mistakes and our youth are going to treat that as a learning experience as well and forgive us for our mistakes and live on supporting each other.

We are not perfect, no one is perfect. We will always make mistakes, but at least we will have people that will support us and life is going to go on and on like that forever.

Do not get me wrong here I clearly understand that there is a line to that that you can not cross. There are important issues that are occuring in our society today that can not be handled as easily, but we should still, forgive and learn to grow as a community.

Fail. Forgive. Teach. Repeat.


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    Very Nice Louie! Cool topic, I liked your voice in the work and made some good points. Good work Bud 🙂 <3 😉

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