How Are We To Take Care of Ourselves When We Grow Up?

By Mia Robinson


Today, we are influenced by the instantaneous world of the smartphone, losing ourselves in a world of “reality”. It is easy to lose sight of the effort required to build basic skills.

It is unlikely that we will start out with the same resources that our parents have spent a lifetime achieving. We will have to cook rather than eat out. We will have to clean instead of  hiring a maid. We will have to make our own repairs and renovations. I don’t think any healthy diet consists of instant ramen noodles, spray cheese, and PB and J’s. A New York Times Author states that “Bringing home economics back to the classroom would be a huge step toward educating our population about the hazards of obesity while teaching them to eat responsibly.” What about when you can’t find clean clothes for work because they are a smelly concoction carpeting your apartment? Do you really want to brush your teeth at the toilet because your sink has been filled with grey stagnant water for weeks?

And to think our parents probably figured this all out. Maybe being part of a family is learning what it takes to be a family.

It takes your whole life to save up for retirement. If you don’t start that at the beginning, it’s back to eating ramen.

As a TCK, I am fortunate enough to have a maid and two parents who cook, clean and take care of finances. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do my laundry or take care of money. This is the same for many students at school. Our main focus as teenagers/students is not how to be part of a family, but rather being students away from the family and with friends. It wasn’t too long ago when family activities centered more on building a household instead of  “hitting the mall” or traveling Asia.

In the simplest terms…

At one point you will be on your own, moving out to college, possibly to a different country. What are you going to do then? Do you know how to take care of yourself? Let alone if you have kids? Starting out as a new adult brings lots of challenges. The first being having far less income than our parents. Dinner out? Not too often. Broken appliance? Can’t afford a workman to fix it. Finances? Daddy I need more money….

This is the future we might all face. Ending up going nowhere because we can’t do basic household chores by ourselves.



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  1. Joselin

    Such an interesting viewpoint! Everything you are saying is true. Maybe schools should have a class to teach students the basic skills of life (similar to health class). Fantastic writing, well done!

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