YAWN . . . A Story of a Highschooler

By Vedansh Prashar


As I stepped through the front door of the school, only two things rang in my head: one, that I need to remember all my formulas for the maths test, and second, I NEED SLEEP.

I felt like there were weights chained up to my eyelids letting them open only so much, but I ignored it. I felt like my vision started to get blurry, but I ignored it. I felt like the world weighed down on my chin pushing it to my chest, but I ignored it.

Before long I knew that all my review had lost against my tired body and I wasn’t able to put all 100% of my focus in the test.

Our sleeping habits are bad for us. Since for us high schoolers our bedtime ranges from 11:00 pm to midnight. According to US National Library of Medicine and US National Institute of Health, lack of sleep causes deterioration of mental and physical health, behavioral problems, and mainly lowers academic grades. School should start at 9 am rather than 8 am. We high schoolers need our sleep. Do we really want to condone such adverse outcomes?

If school were to start at 9:00am, adolescents will get more time to sleep. the National Institute of Health states that students sleeping 8 hours at night are able to achieve their full potential like A- to A+. But our bed times ranging from 11pm to midnight are not giving us any time close to the required sleep time. Want us to perform better at school? Give us that 8 hours of sleep.

One more hour would give enough sleep. Enough sleep to the high schoolers that stay up till the middle of night finishing homework for a HL class. Enough sleep to the athletes who have to cram in time for school work late at night due to their busy training periods. Enough sleep to the new ninth grader learning the ways of high school.

Almost all the classes that I have been in I have seen one or more of the student that has bags under their eyes. The student that is struggling to stay awake through the lecture. The student that finally falls asleep in class through the long lecture. The student that needs to be woken up by the teacher in the middle of class. To avoid such situations we need our sleep.

Sure, some people might say that if we just went to bed earlier every thing could be solved. However, according to Newsweek, adolescent’s biology plays against adolescents sleep cycles. The body clock, which controls when a person is tired, shifts when an adolescent hits puberty this makes it hard for us to sleep before 11 pm.

Should children quit their hobbies for school, to focus on academics, or be a well-rounded student?

Should students score B+ to A+ rather than NC’s?

Should students absorb the information or sit at the back of the class like larks?

Schools should start at 9:00 am rather than 8:00am. We don’t want to ditch our hobbies for school. We don’t want to get F’s we want to get B+ to A+. We don’t want to sit at the back of the class like lark. We want our school to start at 9:00 am.

If I had enough sleep that test day. I wouldn’t have trouble opening my eyes. I wouldn’t have felt my vision start to get blurry. I wouldn’t have my head falling to my chest.

I would have put 100% on the maths test.



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