Safety Last

By Razi Al-Hazmi


We as human beings love staying in our comfort zone. The idea of learning something new only applies to small things in our lives and a lot of us are not really willing to take the risk of going on the unbeaten path, Or we are just too scared of “what If?” What If I fail to do it? What if my friends didn’t like it? What if I got rejected, or worse what If people start laughing at me?

My name is Razi, and let me tell you a story. I had been in an Arabic school for most of my life. When I moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I enrolled into an international school. Now in my old school, we had many English classes, but after I heard someone saying the phrases “Hit the sack”, I realised that those second language classes didn’t prepare me much as I thought. I mean you can’t just hit a “sack” why would you do that?

To be honest, while working with groups, and for the first time being unable to share and express ideas, being unable to be an effective part of the team and taking all the time to translate the task made me feel like I am falling behind. A part of me felt like it was not fair to carry out the task while still learning English whereas everyone else was fluent, as it was their first language or they have been practicing for many years. The other part of me felt happy and excited because I knew it would be fun and I embrace the challenges that come with it.

It wasn’t easy but worth it!

After one semester, I have to tell you all that it wasn’t easy! Yes I am right here telling you to take any challenge you face and use every opportunity in life as you go, but I never told you it was going to be easy. In fact it is hard, heavy, and very stressful.

But all those emotions that try to hold us back are really just reminders that we are on the right path. If you haven’t done anything that brings butterflies into your stomach for the last few months then you’re definitely sleeping in your comfort zone.

I believe that a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Nothing interesting is happening in your life and most important you never grow. In order to grow, we need to change. Thus, we need to have the guts to step out, and trust me it will change you to the best.

I believe that this is the first way to achieve something extraordinary, but remember one is not always going to succeed initially. One may not succeed to hit the marks, to be fluent in a new language, to end a relationship after years, and even in convincing people that Liverpool team can win the league after twenty-eight years!

But, what is more important than all of these, is the struggle of simply getting back up. I prepared a lot for my first test “In English” and couldn’t even got what I thought it would be an okay grade, In fact I had to retake two times. Because nobody can be perfect from the first try. What it takes is persistence, perseverance, time and practice to make it perfect. Whatever you want to achieve is possible if you have done those four things above.

Safety last

Stop being terrified of trying or doing anything new,maybe what scares you the most will help you the most in the future. And really safety last, safety will not take you anywhere, indeed it will hold you back, keep you away from your dreams ,destroy your talent and make you always stuck inside the box.

One last important thing whatever it is don’t try doing it alone; ” Use the help of everyone around you, ask them what they think. Maybe they see something you didn’t see or realise. Ask your elders as they have had a lot of experiences to share and ask the young ones because their imagination has no limits as to what’s right and wrong. Finally, when stepping out of your comfort zone, there is really nothing wrong. When it comes to making big decisions, just choose wisely and give it time, Keep persisting, persevering, and just do it.

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