The Real Criminal is Illegal Abortion  

By Gyeonga Jang


Credit: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg

“My Body, My Choice.” Holding banners, tens of thousands of abortion activists flocked to New York City for “Women’s March on January 21, 2017”. On the other hand, “Mississippi House of Representatives  passed House Bill 1510”, which would prescribe abortion after 15 weeks of gestation. Around the world, abortion is as controversial as ever.       

When someone is debating, someone is dying. “47,000” of innocuous women succumbs to death annually due to illegal abortions. This is crazy; however, this is a fact. The fact we need to revolutionize. Why should women need to agonize under this preventable issue?

Take a look at a tragic abortion story of Pamela, who became impregnated without any plan at the dreamful age of 15. When she noticed her pregnancy, her boyfriend Mike refused responsibility, sneakily excusing himself that he was married. Being left alone in the miserable blackout of unplanned pregnancy, having family to support, Pamela had no choice but to abort.

Her backyard abortion was held in deteriorated environment. She delineated the surgery room as “The room a small cabin was dark, darker than the one I lived in with my grandmother. A paraffin lamp provided light. There was a small mat, bucket of water, a pair of latex gloves, and a sharp stick.” They do not even have scalpel. What about sanitation? What about anesthetic? What about qualified doctor? Pamela was fortunate that she survived from the deadly abortion; however, after effect was ferociously ruthless. It “resulted in a hysterectomy as her uterus was badly damaged and developed a severe infection.”

What we need to see here is that myriad of abortions are taken under destitute circumstance like Pamela. Without any humanitarian protection, illegal abortion ridiculously endangers the life of women.

Maybe even now, at this moment, somewhere in the world, someone is dying under the an unsafe abortion. Rodney chaula, a clinical officer asserts that “Restrictions that are there in the country on abortions  encourage women and girls to terminate their pregnancies unsafely,” To wit, legalization of abortion can avoid tremendous death of women . In 1998, access to legal abortion on request in South Africa showed “ 91% dropped abortion-related deaths” Guiltless people are dying and we know how to save them. What we gotta do? Go and save them. Go and let these women have legal abortion.

Furthermore, “The only person who should get to make decisions about your health is you.” said former US President Obama. Safety is not an only issue that illegal abortion robbed from women; but also, the bona fide issue that women were missing is sacred right to choose.

It’s a pity for those you who have thought pregnancy as a joyous journey. Here is what I want to make clear: Pregnancy is not an easy ride. Rather, Pregnancy and childbirth are arduous wars. During gestation, women suffer from morning sickness and tormenting backache. Then, after the childbirth, raising child will “narrowly circumscribes women’s role in society and hinders women from defining their paths through life.”  Women are not incubators for foetus. They are also human beings who have their own cherished dream. Pregnancy is what happens to their body, their life, and their future. “My Body, My Choice.”, hence, women must be able to make choices whether to terminate their pregnancy or not.

Illegal abortion has already robbed precious things away from us: innocent lives of women and their precious right to choose. The real criminal is illegal abortion, not the women who abort. We cannot stand idly and let people agonize. Let’s fight against  illegal abortion to get women’s safety and right to choose back!


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    You had some great imagery and your wording was very powerful, I do believe that abortion is a massive problem regarding society.Your sources are professional and your retorical questions really made me think,I believe to go further, perhaps shortening your essay but still pack an powerful punch.

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