The Epic Battle For Victory – Fortnite V PUBG

By Aidan Edelstein

Are you looking for a new game to play without spending a dime? Are you into multiplayer games that involve teamwork and communication? Are you tired of toxic online players? One game has recently taken the world by storm, and is currently the most popular battle royale game in the world. As of January 2018, 45 million people are playing Fortnite whilst a measly 30 million play Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). While PUBG has more realistic graphics, Fortnite is still the desired choice. If you are tired of the toxic game communities and experiences and want that friendly environment then Fortnite is the clear choice.

While PUBG has very precise graphics, that is not always what gamers want. To have a fast running and smooth experience isn’t always easy. Especially when you have so much going on around you. Less realistic graphics tend to do this better and give gamers a better online experience. To run PUBG without any issues you need some pricey equipment. Most PCs don’t provide this amount of power. Now PUBG does have some unique additions that Fortnite hasn’t added or thought of yet. For example, PUBG has cars! The use of cars lets you get around the map much quicker. While in Fortnite running on foot while snipers try to pick you off is really stressful but can improve your quick building reflexes in order to survive.

Although PUBG came out months before, Fortnite has surpassed quickly in many ways. In December the developer of Fortnite released that the game has surpassed 40 million total players. PubG had a head start and still barely reached 30 million. Believe it or not there are some very kind people in Fortnite and even though you’re goal is to kill everyone else and be the last one standing, that’s not always the case. For some instances, when you land at a house with another player and they looted everything, and your stuck with nothing. If you don’t attack them with your harvesting tool and maybe if you wave to them or show off some dance moves, majority of players will drop you a gun and leave you alone so that you don’t have to go out into the wild with no defense. Also majority of famous or popular video creators or streamers are leaving their usual games to play Fortnite. Fortnite is growing so quickly that it has taken over video platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, majority of these videos are Fortnite related.

To top it all off Fortnite is free! PUBG costs $29.99. There are customization options for both games and both are pretty pricey. Of course it is your decision to purchase these options and they have no benefits in the game, they are only for “looking cool”. These stores are total opposites. Fortnite has a weekly and daily rotating selection so you can actually purchase the item you want. In PUBG it is technically a form of gambling. You have to go to individual websites and some have the possibility of being scams, and they only give you options of crate with a bunch of items you may or may not want. So Fortnite is clearly better if you don’t want to get ripped off on crates. Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite and many other free games, has had huge success in their latest title Fortnite and are MAKING MILLIONS ON A FREE GAME due to its popularity.

Overall Fortnite comes out on top. Although PUBG has the more advanced graphics, Fortnite is still more popular. Fortnite has a very friendly player community whilst PUBG has toxic internet trolls hating on each other. Fortnite also has better graphics that appeal to a wide variety of people, while PUBG has realistic graphics that most players find too difficult to play with. Fortnite customization store is expensive but very effective and players really enjoy the fact that they can purchase what they want rather than a lootcrate gambling system where you have no choice of what you are getting. Fortnite as stated many times before, is clearly the better choice.


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2 thoughts on “The Epic Battle For Victory – Fortnite V PUBG

  1. Isha Arora

    I really liked the way you used statistics to enhance your argument that Fortnite is the better video game. It was also interesting to read about the detailed descriptions of these games and how they are played as this is something very new to me. Great Job!

  2. Joo Young Lee

    This has extremely assisted me in choosing between two popular games that are influencing teens of the 21st century. Comparing and contrasting these two rival gaming platforms and analyzing their community, graphics, its accessibility, its advantages and disadvantages. I agree with your support of Fortnite over PUBG as Fortnite is more organized in its in-game market, its less toxic community, its more active gameplay, and its accessibility. As it is a free game for everyone to download, it is also an economic benefit which is a better alternative to pulling out 30 bucks out of our parents’ wallets.

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