The annominist communist Conquering the world is for heroes

By Lian Duan

Why do villains want to conquer the world? The first answer that might come to people’s mind is for power or wealth, and I would have to agree with them, the unbalance of power and wealth in this society are the causes of multiple problems in our world, how we are categorized into the society through social classes, races and beliefs, how the more powered would be dominant of that power and how no one got put into power without a couple skeletons in their closets.When humans require assistance due to the fact that they can’t achieve this themselves is what motivates those so called heros, who are most likely there to take advantage of the current situation, steps in. A prime example is the story of the fox and the two dogs: on a sunny day 2 dogs found a piece of meat and couldn’t decide on who’s keeping it, the fox came along and offered a solution, he ripped the piece of meat in half (unequally) and gave it to them on purpose, then the dog that got the worser deal wasn’t happy so the fox started biting off the other dog’s meat.This caused the other dog to frustrate and vise versa until the meat was very small compared to the original size.This rememberable story illustrates the so called heroes of the society who so visualised the “wanted to help, from deep in my heart”, but really they’re contaminating the society within.So how do we solve the problem? My solution to the problem would be that we unify all of us as one big nations, we settle all references and problems.Becoming a single nation would require tremendous work and there is currently no methods effect to achieve that state, unless through absolute dictatorship: the leader controls the current flows of marketing, government and the social network and with the economy stabilized, we could change the individuals within.

The benefit to macro economy would be significant: having the whole world use one type of currency would allow for more efficient use of other materials to either further research in space or advance in medical studies.No more individuals would have to rob or steal, the economy would be balanced and with all these resources, Education would be available to everyone.There wouldn’t be racial abusion or any abusion at all.Jobs will be provided to assist the calibration(bridges and highways). All people should be treated equally and no one would be more powerful than another, except the supreme dictator who would be carrying the burden like mythical Atlas when he carried the world on his back.It will be his own responsibility to mold the world to the right path.

The benefit to micro economy also doesn’t lack.From birth you would be accepted to any country no matter your race and as you develop, the world would shape and prepare you to become a healthy member of the society.People are afraid of leaving therefore they try to escape it, it’s estimated around 70,000 children are kidnapped a year in China, with more than 10 percent of them forever gone.With world dictatorship, no black market would be existent and no child would go missing on purpose.

In conclusion, a total dictatorship would not only decrease the corruption in the government but also increase the balance of power in the society and give more opportunity to support unsupported people,Hitler was in prison for treason(Opposing viewpoint),Alexander died due to poison,Khan’s empire lasted the no more than a decade only, in this society we need more Hitlers, to spark the rage when we are in defeat, we need more Alexanders, to conquer the impossible and turn it into possible and we need more Genghis Khans, to unite the different tribes we carved ourselves away as.


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One thought on “The annominist communist Conquering the world is for heroes

  1. Sheher

    I think you’re editorial topic is really intriguing. You used good vocabulary and sentence structure, alongside with a simple story in the beginning to get a message about how social inequality can’t really be fixed. I think your argument is compelling, but it is hard to wrap one’s head around it, and you’d need stronger evidence if you want to argue for it. Furthermore, there are numerous counter arguments that one could come up with. I would say the most likely to achieve the utopia you want is to practice socialism, as it is the middle path of capitalism and communism, not to mention the countries that practice it are currently some of the most prosperous in the world (Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Finland, China, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, etc)

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