Pardon Me

By Hana ElSoda


Pardon me, that I feel aggravated when uninformed individuals discuss controversial topics without considering diverse perspectives. Pardon me, for believing that powerful politicians and advanced countries don’t have any right or qualification to make political decisions for inferior countries simply because “they can”. Oh and pardon me, for not recognizing terrorising powers as independent countries. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been ongoing since 1948, taking thousands of lives and destroying homes of millions of Palestinians. Furthermore, it has become an Israeli-Arab conflict as well as a religious struggle between Muslims and Jews, affecting me as a Muslim Egyptian significantly. My country was able to defeat Israel’s attempts to overtake their territory; however, thinking about what would be of Egypt had we not been able to maintain our land, I only sympathize more with the Palestinians, who helplessly continue to fight for their country. This contentious dissention has not only unrighteously taken Palestinian territory, leaving the population to lead apprehensive lifestyles, but has also been disregarded by the media and society, compared to similar conflicts. Thus, Western nations who initiated this conflict and continue to fuel it through financial aid to Israel, must begin taking responsibility for the deaths and turmoil that they have caused the Palestinian population.

Imagine if the principal of a rival institution demanded you to share half of the building with a new school. Now, those new students are given better technology, resources and teachers, providing them with an inequitable advantage that allows them further development than you. So, they begin to take over more classrooms with the support of the rival institution. Your school is Palestine, the rival school is the UN and the new school is Israel. In 1948, the UN gave 55% of Palestinian territory to the Jewish Israelis, disregarding the new nation that had been formed. Israel has since become increasingly formidable and commenced battling the Palestinians for more territory.

Let’s reflect on the history of Africa, which we have all studied recently. After reading about the Europeans’ careless exploitation of African resources and the violence that they forced upon the Native population, we were left in shock, seeing how impeccably unjustifiable the Europeans’ imperialistic and utterly brutal actions were. Yet, despite the similarity of this to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, Western countries continue to fund Israel and supply them with lethal and pernicious weapons, still showing no sympathy towards the Palestinians whose lives they have demolished. In 2003, Israel received “$2.04 billion in military aid and $720 million in economic aid” from the US. For comparison, that is more aid to Israel that “all of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean combined when you take out Egypt and Colombia.” So much for equality, huh?

Evidently, major Western Powers have in fact created and continue to ignite this conflict. Since the beginning of time, Jews have been suppressed and often tortured in European nations where Anti-Semitism dominated and religious conflicts grew popular. Hence, the egocentric Europeans, wanting to rid Europe of Jews and religious conflict, convinced the Jews to “return to their home”. This however, did not end religious conflict, but simply moved it to a new destination, where they no longer had to take responsibility nor deal with the consequences of the deadly wars. What a clutch!

91,000 Palestinians killed. 4000 Palestinian cities obliterated.  Over 75% of Palestinian land annexed. And we’re still wondering if this conflict is worth our attention? Fortunately, human rights organizations such as “Miles of Smiles Convoy”, “Partners for Peace and Development for Palestinians” and the “Global March on Jerusalem,” have taken action to draw attention to the issue. These Western organizations defend Palestinians who have become victims of the endless battle, and try to improving Palestinian lives, many of which were lost at the hands of the brutal and monopolizing affairs of the Western powers. Therefore, “if there were any warmth left in our hearts, then we would all be doing everything that we possibly could do to stop Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.”


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    Hey Hana!!!!!! I really love how you believe that Isreal should have all the rights of freedom and voice as a country. Furthermore, your dictions are really strong and I love your introduction. It really intrigued me as a reader!!!!!!

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