On Your Marks! Get Set! Go!

By Arman Shafi

Imagine the thrill of racing in front of hundreds of cheering ISKL students at IASAS Track and Field, at the ISKL Ampang Hilir Campus. This glorious dream could soon be reality, because the new school provides the perfect opportunity for ISKL to get a brand new track. We should capitalise on this opportunity because our track and field athletes deserve the basic right to train and compete at our own school, just like the athletes of the 5 other IASAS schools. Moreover, now is the perfect time to build a track because we are moving to a new campus. Furthermore, this track will be utilised by elementary, middle and high school; along with members of our local community, aiding not only us but the greater good.

First of all, it is definitely not acceptable that our Track and Field athletes can’t train at our own school. Especially when all the other IASAS schools have their own tracks. Our athletes are at a severe disadvantage because it takes more than two hours for us to get to and return from our training facility. In addition, these precious two hours every day, overtime add up to countless hours less than our competition at IASAS. Unfortunately, this means that no matter how hard we train, our competition will have a tremendous advantage. In fact, last year, ISKL varsity boys came sixth, while the girls came fifth despite all of our hard work and training. This result was painfully heartbreaking for our team because despite training beyond our breaking points, we still finished rock bottom. ISKL Track and Field is the sleeping giant of IASAS. All we need to wake up is a track at our own school.

Moreover, the ISKL new Ampang Hilir campus is being built at the moment, providing the perfect opportunity to make a track. A common argument against this is that the track will take away space from other activities. This argument is ridiculous because the new campus is more than twenty five and a half acres in size3, which means there is more than enough space for a track and other facilities. In fact, according to the International Association of Athletics Federations, a track takes thirty thousand square feet2, which is less than one acre. Evidently, the new campus is clearly perfect for a track. If we don’t build the track now, will we ever get a track at ISKL?

In addition, this construction will not only benefit high school track, but it will also be utilised by elementary and middle school, along with members of the local community who can not afford to build facilities like this. The elementary and middle school students currently also don’t have the opportunity to train at a track, so this investment will benefit a huge number of students. On top of this, the local community, which is underprivileged compared to us, is in dire need of finding a track. The perfect gift that we can give to our community is giving them the ability to train at a track, which they so dearly desire to use. We can clearly see that building a track will benefit a huge number of people.

To conclude, ISKL must get a track at the new campus because our athletes deserve to train at our own school, the new campus provides the perfect opportunity for building a track; and finally the track will be effectively used by all 3 campuses and the local community.



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  1. Tanya

    Your editorial was very well written and gave me an insight on how difficult it is to train without having a track at school. Your title used good imagery which added pathos to your writing which was very effective in hooking the reader to read further. Your editorial made me realize how important the training ground is when getting ready to compete in any sport. Overall, your editorial urged me to think about the necessity of a track in the new school to benefit a lot of people. Good Job!!

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