2017: Running For Change

As 2017 comes to an end and 2018 dawns upon us, we reflect on all the heroes that have changed lives and the world throughout the year. They have shown endless amounts of courageousness, and compassion, whilst spending time to help the less fortunate. Modern-day superheroes surround us not just in 3-minute videos on Facebook, but also  right here in our lives and maybe even our class.

Adrien ‘18, a full IB student and the captain of our varsity cross country team, set a goal for himself at the beginning of 2017 to run 1,000 km in order to raise 10,000 RM  for CWO, the Chins Women Organisation (a school). Adrien’s connection with this school started 5 years ago, with the help of his mother, who had been working with the organisation. Over the years Adrien has visited many times to play with the children, help out around the school, and even teach a math class every now and then when needed.

Unfortunately, however, 2 years ago the UN cut the funding for the Chin refugees in Malaysia and the school has been struggling financially to keep supplies for the students, teachers in the classroom, and rent for the building.

Adrien’s family was looking for a way to raise money for them, as they knew how much good this school brings to these refugees, the marginalised in Malaysia. Adrien came to a realisation. “I wanted to make a change, so I decided I can bring the two things I like the most together, and then it was just all about structuring it, and keeping a record of all my kilometers on a spreadsheet, I then created a website, made all sorts of posters. I also wanted to make sure if I was going to do this, I didn’t want it to be flimsy, I wanted to know exactly how much I have ran, I looked up the place I run the most (KDE) and made sure I had the exact distances, so I have been updating it consistently”  

Adrien’s hard work isn’t going to waste, he has reached out to friends, family, NGO’s and even an orange bucket in the panther store to raise donations, so far he has raised 8,500 RM, only 1,500 RM off of his goal. When asked about the struggle of it all, dealing with school work and such he said “It has been tough, there are times where I have hated it… its been hard, it’s been especially hard recently and I know I still have to do 30 km a week if I want to reach my goal… but all and all my running has improved a lot and the satisfaction that I am getting from helping is worth it, I am very happy that I have chose to do this, I will also be happy when it’s done.”

On top of navigating the challenge of high school, Adrien has run 30 km every week,  and raised money for a refugee school in need. It is now in our hands to help our very own Terry Fox, by donating money, sharing this link, or simply supporting his goal.

Here is the link to help Adrien finish his goal.