Return of The Alumni

Christmas time at ISKL brings with it many goodies and treats, such as bake sales, fun dress ups, and the constant taste of sucking on a candy cane in class. Yet a treat even sweeter than that comes every year during the Christmas season: the return of our Alumni.

You may notice as you walk through the halls, that you recognize some old yet familiar faces: former friends and leaders of the high school. These peers of ours have left the nest of ISKL and gone out into the world, the crazy, wild, fun, and probably the scary world, and like full-grown sea turtles returning home, the alumni have returned.  

When asked about how the school felt when returning Kennedy ‘17 said “Not too different, pretty much the same, still welcoming, still friendly. I guess maybe a bit smaller, but I am just really happy to be back”  

Norman Salim ‘17 another well known Alum said: “It’s different because you don’t realize how fast time has passed until you come back and you see the people who were once little juniors now sitting at the senior deck and being top dogs.”  

He went on to say “It just feels very nostalgic since the community at ISKL is one that can’t be recreated because it’s so welcoming and I think a lot of alumni feel that during their first year at university, and are really just happy to back in a comfortable space… plus everyone really loves coming back and seeing old friends and teachers”

Not only a nice treat for the Alums to return, it is also wonderful for the current student body. Having just gone off to university, gotten jobs, explored the world, and even joined the military there is so much to learn from them.

Adarsh ‘18 said, “It’s not only like fun to hear the stories about university and working, and start thinking about some of the things we can look forward to, but also it’s nice to hear some of the problems they faced, so that we know ahead of time, like how to avoid them.”

So whether it’s giving a face to the outside world, getting insight on obstacles we may face, or having some of our biggest fears eased, the arrival of the alumni is good news for everyone.