What’s Buzzing at Spirit Week

This year ISKL kicked off winter spirit week with a unique activity that tapped into the intellectual sides of our student body. Five teams faced off for the honored claim to ISKL Spirit Week Spelling Bee champion!

The teams consisted of three representatives from each grade level as well as a trio of teachers. Representing the freshman were Anne, Jean-Yves, and Wilson. The sophomores were packing the heat with members Wen Li, Harein, and Bilal. Climbing up the ranks, the junior team consisted of Carter, Dean, and Pat. Finally, the seniors brought out strong contenders with Ryan, Liam, and Valentina ready to display their spelling knowledge. The teacher’s team looked like tough competition with members Ms. Woodward, Ms. Podorsek, and Mr. Tyler.

Anne, ‘21, kicked off the competition as she chose the food category. Her word given to spell was ‘banana,’ which turned out to be a deceitfully difficult word to spell. Anne, unfortunately, included two N’s, resulting in a rocky start for the freshman team. They remained in high spirits however as the competition continued.

Words were thrown around including ‘onomatopoeia’ and ‘quince,’ as teachers and students alike appeared dumbfounded when suddenly put on the spot to spell these complicated phrases. Eventually, student council members running the event announced that there would be a final round where everyone would be able to be rewarded 900 points, a significant amount as none of the teams had any overall scores above 400. The word given to spell was ‘international baccalaureate,’ which was an ease to both seniors and juniors alike as they are very familiarized with it. The teachers were also able to spell this word correctly.

The audience waited in suspense as each team’s points were added up. Finally, after what seemed like hours, student council announced that the teachers had won. This didn’t come as a shock to many as they had seemed in the lead throughout the competition. In second place came the seniors, helping them win their first points in the quest for this year’s much-coveted Panther Cup. The sophomores were then ranked in third, followed by the freshman, putting the juniors as last.

Overall, this season’s first panther cup event has proved a success. The student body should look forward to more exciting initiatives and activities that the student council will produce. This includes an upcoming movie night showing Home Alone this Thursday, December 14th. Tickets are on sale in the library.